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We enable SaaS companies to automate data flows for their customers. Learn about our great partner relationships.

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Keeros was founded in 2011 with the ambition to optimize the process and drive operational excellence for companies that deliver financial services. Their customers request more and better data through Keeros Finance platform. Keeros choose Zwapgrid API.1 to provide that and grow even more efficiently.

  • Keeros Finance provides other financial solutions with the capabilities to run an efficient invoice factoring business. 

  • Keeros customers can for example handle credit check on potential clients, automatic monitoring, automatic invoice printing & distribution and overview of engagement. For this they need updated data.

  • Therefore, they choose to use Zwapgrid API.1. Keeros build and provide their own experience for their finance customers without having to build and maintain many integrations.

We have chosen Zwapgrid's smart API for finance. It's a convenient way for us to offer everyone who uses Keeros Finance their customers' financial data. It will be important and a major competitive advantage going forward if we and they are to grow at the rate demand is increasing and offer exactly the kind of solutions needed in a rapidly changing market. We have always been careful to offer agile and smart solutions. By using Zwapgrid and its smart API, we can create exactly the experience we want, without having to build and maintain a large amount of integrations ourselves,"

Kirster Keskitalo Founder, Keeros

Krister Keskitalo
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Kivra, the Swedish leading digital mailbox with more than 5 million users, wants to connect to common software that the average business owner uses.

  • After the successes Kivra has had for individuals, Kivra is excited to launch and expand their offering to businesses.
  • To do that best, they need to connect to commonly used software that businesses use.
  • Therefore, they choose to partner with Zwapgrid. With our help, Kivra can connect volumes of systems and enable new invaluable functionality, such as “smart invoicing” between companies.

With Zwapgrids network we can innovate and develop new offerings and solutions for all companies in Sweden. They can minimise their administration and discover the power of our digital mailbox. We already have more than 5 million users, so the potential is endless.

Adam Hultén Business Unit Manager, Kivra (Largest digital mailbox in Sweden)



Manually logging the transactions takes a lot of time from merchants. Nets processes over 7.7 billion transactions a year.

  • Thanks to the Nets–Zwapgrid partnership, small business owners can log all transactions in their accounting programs automatically.
  • Zwapgrid automates the accounting manual labor involved in running a business.
  • Our mission is to help the small business owner and remove unnecessary work.
  • Handling billions of transactions annually, Nets is among the top payment providers in Europe.
  • They keep a tight focus on making it even easier and more intuitive for their users.
  • With Zwapgrid’s help, Nets can offer their business customers a ready-made solution.

Together with Zwapgrid we can provide solutions for many different softwares in the Nordics and northern Europe. Zwapgrid always provide us with invaluable expertise on both tech and management. I recommend any software company to join the grid and grow through connectivity.

Joel Risberg Strategic Partnership Manager, Nets AS, Nexi Group (Leading PSP in Europe)


Björn Lundén is a top book keeping software provider in the Nordics. Zwapgrid has a long term strategic partnership with them.

  • Björn Lundén is growing, which means our grid is growing and our joint offering grows too.
  • Björn Lundén ERP system is being well integrated with other platforms that their end customers are using. That’s why Björn Lundén sees Zwapgrid as an important partner. 

With our partnership, we provide integrations with systems that the customers uses.

  • It can be Payment Service Provider platforms (Nets, Zettle, Klarna, Stripe) but also E-Commerce platforms and Customer-Relation-Management systems.
  • Now with Björn Lundén, we plan to expand into new territories to expand our technology with Europe and beyond.

Zwapgrid makes it easier for us to provide more value to for example e-commerce merchants. We collaborate closely from analysis of the pains and needs of our customers to optimising the on-boarding journey and go to market. They are also helping us collaborating with other partners.

Ulf Bokelund CEO, Björn Lundén (Leading ERP for Accounting firms in Sweden)


Our Partner Focus

We offer our partners end users a world of automated solutions. The more we partner, the more the possibilities expand. It's a win-win for us, our partners and the end users. 

  • Zwapgrid provides an infrastructure where Software/SaaS companies can build and expand their products by offering integrations to their customer base.

  • Together with our partners we create solutions with for example payment service providers, point of sales, e-commerce, accounting/finance, invoice, warehouse, CRM and beyond. 

  • Since all partners use the same infrastructure, it is also easy to collaborate and offer new innovative solutions together.

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We are interested too. We are currently a leading integrations provider in the Nordics and are expanding into German markets and beyond. Inspired by a connection possibility? Get in touch with us. Let's make it happen together.

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