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Increase Efficiency

Automate the Collection of Invoices

Stop chasing invoicing data.

One unified way to access invoice data - simple & secure.

  • Access invoice data from both files and API:s.
  • Push data back into the accounting system to update for example when an invoice is paid.
  • Expand with new systems and more data with no extra effort. All added systems and entities are made available to you.
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You can invite your customers to choose which system or file to connect, or send them immediately to connect a specific system.
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1. Your customer identifies themselves with Bank ID (or regional alternative).
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2. Your customer logs in to their finance system.
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3. Your customer accept that their data is shared.

You only need

One connection to get all that invoice data.

Your customers

Onboard once to connect historical, real time and future data to you.

  • Simple and secure onboarding.
  • We provide the building blocks
  • You own the experience.
  • You own the customer relationships.
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We even help you interpret all that PDF invoice data 

We provide infrastructure, machine learning and building blocks to:

  • Upload files.
  • OCR scanning + machine learning interpretation.
  • Validation.
  • Translation into a unified format.

We provide infrastructure

You build the experience and offerings.

"We've been helping factoring companies access data since 2016. Our new technology makes data access more available and efficient.

Zwapgrid was founded in 2016 with the vision to become the best data sharing infrastructure in the world and make life easier for you and your business customers. With Zwapgrid API.1 we take one step closer with a unified way to access data from both APIs and files. It's easier for you to get started and we solve the same challenges that would otherwise require multiple solutions or resources needed for core operations".

Niklas Köhlmark, CPO, Zwapgrid

Zwapgrid -11112021 - Niklas - halv


Get started today with invoices!


You only have to connect once to API.1 to access your business customers data, both from API connections to the leading accounting systems and from files that your business customers upload and parse through FILE.1. 


Add more data, systems and files


Everything we add to API.1 will be available to you. This makes it easy to expand to more regions and reach all customers, no matter which system or file formats that they use.


Connect your customers


The goal is one unified way for you to access all relevant financial data, for better credit assessments, more tailored financing options and more. You can choose at what pace you convert your customers, it's easy to get started.

It's easy to get started.

Get in touch with us today and find out what's possible to achieve with Zwapgrid API.1.

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Reduce risk and increase efficiency with unified data.

How to get started with API.1 for factoring.

How to connect, create consent and invite your customers.