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Access 1.7 billion invoices and other SMB financial data in the Nordics.


Make factoring efficient with one harmonised way to access all invoice data.


Reduce risk with historical, real time and future access to your customers financial data.


Make it easy to share financial data with you, both from files and API connections.


Stop chasing invoicing data.

Let us harmonize your customer's many data sources. 

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A harmonized method for

Historical, Real Time and Future access to your customer's financial data.

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We know your customers are using PDF invoices.

We understand that. Let us, help you, turn that pdf data into something usable and easy.

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Built on trust and long experience
Our infrastructure and expertise is being accessed by leading SaaS-companies.


Zwapgrid's unified API for finance is a convenient way for us to offer everyone who uses Keeros Finance their customers' financial data.

-Krister Keskitalo, Founder, KEEROS



What we develop must be scalable and standardised for many regions. With Zwapgrids infrastructure this can be done efficiently and smart.

-Joel Risberg, Strategic Partner Manager, NETS



With Zwapgrid's infrastructure, we can create new innovations and develop offers to help all companies in Sweden.

-Adam Hultén, Business Unit Manager, KIVRA




Available during 2023

  • Access the most important system of your customers.

  • Build a smooth onboarding processes with our infrastructure.

  • Pay a fee per customer and event.     

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Available during 2023

  • Access the systems of your Nordic customers.

  • Have the possibility to request new systems to API.1

  • Reduced price per customer and event.

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Available now

  • Full support from Zwapgrids experts on how to utilize API.1 and build fantastic products.

  • Lowest prices per customer and event.

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We provide infrastructure

You build the experience and own the customer relationships

"We've been helping factoring companies access data since 2016. Our new technology makes data access more available and efficient

Zwapgrid was founded in 2016 with the vision to become the best data sharing infrastructure in the world and make life easier for you and your business customers. With Zwapgrid API.1 we take one step closer with a unified way to access data from both APIs and files. It's easier for you to get started and we solve the same challenges that would otherwise require multiple solutions or resources needed for core operations".

Niklas Köhlmark, CPO, Zwapgrid

Zwapgrid -11112021 - Niklas - halv

It's easy to get started and grow

from better invoice data to 100% connected customers

Get started today with invoices!

Get started today with access to invoices in an efficient and unified way. We currently offer invoice data in Sweden from Fortnox, Visma and Björn Lundén.

Expand with files, systems and more

In Q2 2023, we are adding the possibility to receive files. After that, more systems and formats will follow. Everything we add will be available to you.

Connect your customers

The goal is one unified way for you to access all relevant financial data, for better credit assessments, more tailored financing options and more. Join the grid!

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