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There is a better way to share data

Since 2016 Zwapgrid has challenged how small and medium businesses and system vendors share data by providing a network of connected systems instead of building one to one system integrations. Earlier this year Zwapgrid API.1 was launched, a simple and secure way for system vendors to access many financial systems in one unified way, without having to build and maintain many integrations.

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On a mission with an open finance API

Zwapgrid’s mission is to develop Open Finance possibilities providing access to financial data, that builds personalized experiences, drives industry collaboration, and increases the pace of innovation.

With our latest innovation, our Open finance API, Zwapgrid API.1 we believe that we have found the best possible way forward to stay true to our mission. It's a bit like Open banking, but instead of sharing data to and from banks we help you share data to and from, primarily, finance systems.



Long-term focus

"Zwapgrid is today owned by co-founders and a group of private investors. We are well equipped for long-term growth and determined to fundamentally change how the market for system integrations works."

Leo Berghald, CEO and cofounder


And this is our team


Niklas, Our CPO


Magnus, Head of marketing


Anna, Head of People


Leo, CEO and founder


Michael, Head of Thinking, oops meant Engineering


Manne, Co-founder, Our COO,


Johan, Master of Scrum 


Lyubov .Net Developer


Kelvin, Data Mapping Aficionado


Vika, Quality Engineer


Anagha, Cloud Engineer


Taras, Full Stack Developer


Timur, Tech Lead


Alexandra, User advocate 


Hashem, DevOps Ninja

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Workplace & culture

We seek individuals who are truly passionate about their work and possess entrepreneurial spirit. You will be at the core of this effort surrounded by some of the most ambitious and talented colleagues that the the tech industry has to offer. As we grow we and you to continue to grow with us!

We strive for a workplace with diversity so please send us your application!