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Payment solution providers

Remove your Nordic SMB customers biggest pain!


Automate accounting of payouts and transactions for your Nordic SMB customers.


Provide a secure and easy way for your customers to connect you to their financial data. 


Expand on existing or new markets, with access to the most relevant systems in the Nordics.


One unified way to connect your customers finance systems

  • Post journals with payouts and transactions.
  • Access financial data to learn more about your customer and provide new services.
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Built on trust and long experience
Our infrastructure and expertise is being accessed by leading SaaS-companies.


What we develop must be scalable and standardised for many regions. With Zwapgrids infrastructure this can be done efficiently and smart.

-Joel Risberg, Strategic Partner Manager, NETS


Zwapgrid makes it easier for us to provide more value to our business customers, providing both connections and expert knowledge.

-Ulf Bokelund, CEO, Björn Lundén


With Zwapgrid's infrastructure, we can create new innovations and develop offers to help all companies in Sweden.

-Adam Hultén, Business Unit Manager, KIVRA

You only need

One connection to connect your merchants most important systems.



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Webinar on demand:
Help your merchants connect their finance to you.

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Webinar on demand:
How to get started. Focus on tech and product teams.

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Get started and grow

from automated accounting to 100% connected merchants

Automate the accounting

We already collaborate with leading PSP:s, helping them to automate accounting of payouts and transactions for their SMB customers.

Expand with every system

Every system that we add is available to you and can help you grow on existing or new markets. We collaborate with you to choose which systems.

Connect your customers

The goal is one unified way for you and your customers to share data. When they are connected, you can explore new possibilities and grow. 

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