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Real-Time Data

Get harmonized data to enhance your Credit Assessments



Connect once

 Don't build your own integrations. You only need one connection with Zwapgrid API.1 


Reduce credit losses

Stop taking unnecessary risks. Make faster and more reliable decisions.


Increase transparency

Don't rely on old information. Stay updated on your SME customers financial situation.


Create better Credit Assessments with Real-time Data

A lot happens for your SME customers in a year, by filling in the knowledge gaps, you can offer more competitive lending. 

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This is just an example. We don't provide tools for reporting, notifications or data science algorithms. Instead we focus of building the best possible infrastructure to connect SME customers systems and files to you. You use the data in your reports and analytics.

  • Reduce administration time per account with reduced touch point and on-boarding time. SME customers onboard themselves and you never have to chase the data again.

  • Sales and credit can make well informed decisions and collaborate better, when they have access to accounting data that they can combine with the regular UC/Creditsafe check during the first assessment and to stay updated and predict the needs of their accounts going forward. 

  • Reduce credit losses by utilising the data you access to flag early warnings and offer terms and conditions adapted to constantly updated information.

  • Enable growth for everyone. Offer your SME customers what they need before they even know it and use your data insights to both grow your customers, your team and your product.


1.Secure and efficient onboarding. Your customers onboard themselves and allow you to access their data. They can choose what system they use and can upload files as well. We use secure and reliable standards, such as Auth0 and Bank ID in Sweden.

2.The data is harmonized and delivered. All systems and files have their own API standards and structures. To make it easy for you, we ensure that all data is received in the same way, you never have to think about what system or file standard they are using.

3.You use the data to enhance your processes and reports. We don't store or use your customers data to build reports, but instead ensure that we provide the best possible data infrastructure and handle the connections. You own your customer relationships and use the data.

"We've been helping businesses share data between different systems since 2016. Let API.1 innovate how you access data in a more efficient and unified way.

Zwapgrid was founded in 2016 with the vision to become the best data sharing infrastructure in the world and make life easier for you and your business customers. With Zwapgrid API.1 we take one step closer with a unified way to access data from both APIs and files. It's easier for you to get started and we solve the same challenges that would otherwise require multiple solutions or resources needed for core operations".

Niklas Köhlmark, CPO, Zwapgrid


Try 45 days free
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