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Innovating business process automation

Zwapgrid is a growing network of systems that make it possible to e.g. automatically sync orders, invoices, inventories or shipments, initiate payments and automate accounting between many systems.

  • System suppliers (E.g. PSP, POS, Niche banks) can partner with Zwapgrid to offer customers added value and create new revenue streams.
  • Growing companies and accounting firms can buy ready-made integrations between the most common systems.


System partnership

Offer your customers added value and create new revenue streams by partnering with Zwapgrid. We make sure that you become part of our network, make a joint plan for systems and processes, set up onboarding and manage ongoing operations.

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Focus on your core business and grow more efficiently. With Zwapgrid you can buy ready-made automated business processes that usually require manual work. We only sell ready-made solutions and try to make it as easy as possible to get started.

Buy ready-made integrations


Accounting firm

As an accounting consultant, you can easily help your customers connect with ready-made solutions. You often have more insight and understanding of accounting and finance and can be an important key to their financial ecosystem.

Help your clients

We automate your business processes

Zwapgrid is both infrastructure and interpreter of data between systems. We translate all data into a generic format. Thus, we can deliver data to all connected companies and systems. When connecting a new software to our network it communicates with all relevant systems by design. This makes it a lot easier to automate important business processes. Here are some examples of what we can do.

  • Automate accounting
    with data from a wide range of systems.
  • Automate posting of payments.
  • Create and manage invoices.
  • Get invoice information for mortgaging.
  • Manage payments with the new nordic standard P27.
  • Retrieve balance sheets and results for assessment.
  • Sync stock balance.
  • Sync order.
  • Create shipments and subsequent tracking.
  • Initiate payments.

Systems integrated in Zwapgrid?

In our plattform you can find several systems and automated business processes. Through partnerships with system suppliers, the network is steadily growing. Ready-made solutions can be purchased by companies and accounting firms. The possibilities are endless, but there are some areas where we already have systems in our platform.

  • Financial systems (ERP, business systems, accounting systems)
  • Payment solutions (PSP)
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Logistics (Warehouse, shipment)
  • Cash register systems (POS)
  • Banks
  • CRM
Systems & Integrations

Save time

Companies can avoid recurring manual administration between systems and our system partners can offer automated processes with many other systems without focusing resources on development and maintenance themselves.

Scale up

We are steadily adding more systems and new functions to our platform. This makes it possible to streamline more and more of the traditional manual administration with ready-made automated business processes. 


Zwapgrid works with secure solutions that are encrypted and meet the high requirements that are necessary for secure data transfer. We ensure not only the data transfer but also the onboarding.


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