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One Unified Way

Connect to your customers' accounting systems

and get real time data (1)


Embedded connectivity 

Remove the complexity of integrations to your customer's Nordic ERP systems. Just one connection gives you access to ERPs in the Nordics, and the most important file formats.


Get invoices in one harmonized way


Replace multiple methods with a unified way to access invoice data. Invoice files are uploaded, parsed and transferred through FILE.1 and you receive the data in the same way as invoice data from connected system APIs through API.1.


Solutions for factoring



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Zwapgrid's unified API for finance is a convenient way for us to offer everyone who uses Keeros Finance their customers' financial data.

-Krister Keskitalo, Founder, KEEROS



Zwapgrid API.1's combination of delivering file and API data in a unified way stands out compared to alternatives as both unique, powerful, and efficient.

-Morgan Belic, Global Product Manager B2B, Ikano Bank



Aptic AB, an industry leader in Europe creating innovative and sustainable software solutions for the financial services industry, has selected Zwapgrid's API.1 for enabling their clients to access accounting & Invoice data from Nordic Accounting Systems.



Better Credit Assessment

Real-time accounting data for better credit assessments. Stop taking unnecessary risks. Add real-time accounting and invoice data to make better and faster assessments.


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Automate accounting of payouts

Bookkeeping is complex, but it can save your customers a lot of time if it's automated. We have extensive experience from collaborating with large PSPs.


Systems we Currently Offer


Expand together with Zwapgrid API.1

The goal is that your business customers should always be connected to you. For credit assessments, new services, tailor made financing and more.

  • Retrieve customer and supplier invoices from APIs
  • Receive data from invoice data files
  • Read balances on accounting accounts
  • Book accounting journals
  • Post payments
  • And more!

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One unified way to access SME financial data in the Nordics


High or low resolution data for factoring and credit assessment?

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Spark innovation and trust with open finance, one step beyond open banking.

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Updated financial data will be a requirement to obtain a loan. Let's make it simple.

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