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Access 1.7 billion invoices and other SMB financial data in the Nordics.


Make factoring and other financial services efficient with access to financial data in one unified way, from files and API:s.


Minimize risk and make better decisions with historical, real time and future access to financial data.


Automate accounting of payouts and more with access to the most relevant systems in the Nordics.


One unified way to share financial data in the Nordics

  • Retrieve customer and supplier invoices from APIs.
  • Receive invoice data files.
  • Read balances on accounting accounts.
  • Update paid invoices.
  • Book accounting journals.
  • Post payments. 
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Invoices for factoring in one harmonized way

Replace multiple methods with a unified way to access invoice data. Both files can be transferred and data can be retrieved directly from APIs.

Solutions for factoring

Automate accounting of payouts

Bookkeeping is complex, but it can save your customers a lot of time if it's automated. We have long experience from collaborating with large PSPs.

Solutions for PSP

And expand together with Zwapgrid API.1

The goal is that your business customers are always connected to you. for credit assessments, new services, tailor made financing and more.

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"Since 2016, we have been helping companies share data between systems. Now we're making it easier to retrieve financial data!

Leo Berghald, founder and CEO, Zwapgrid 

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* According to Vismas report  "Business case - E-invoicing Across the Nordics, Published on Sep 3, 2019" there are 3,4 Billion invoices in the Nordics. We estimate that we can reach 50% of the total volume of invoices, and 85% of the SMB Volumes.


Built on trust and long experience.
Our infrastructure and expertise is being accessed by leading SaaS-companies.


Zwapgrid's unified API for finance is a convenient way for us to offer everyone who uses Keeros Finance their customers' financial data.

-Krister Keskitalo, Founder, KEEROS



What we develop must be scalable and standardised for many regions. With Zwapgrids infrastructure this can be done efficiently and smart.

-Joel Risberg, Strategic Partner Manager, NETS



With Zwapgrid's infrastructure, we can create new innovations and develop offers to help all companies in Sweden.

-Adam Hultén, Business Unit Manager, KIVRA


Scalable pricing based on your needs



Available during 2023

  • Access the most important system of your customers.

  • Build a smooth onboarding processes with our infrastructure.

  • Pay a fee per customer and event.     

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Available during 2023

  • Access the systems of your Nordic customers.

  • Have the possibility to request new systems to API.1.

  • Reduced price per customer and event.

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Available now

  • Full support from Zwapgrids experts on how to utilize API.1 and build fantastic products.

  • Lowest prices per customer and event.

Contact sales about pricing. 

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A safe & efficient way to share data, both for you and your SMB customers.

  1. Connect to Zwapgrid API.1.

  2. Design the data flows you want your customers to consent to.

  3. Invite your customers using the API.1, where it is most suitable, e.g. in your own platform, app or homepage.

  4. Customers give their consent. Depending on the system they use, this may look a little different. Often, it is enough for them to identify themselves to Zwapgrid, log in to their system and authorize data sharing.

  5. Customers' data comes to you through the Zwapgrid API.1 and you can use it for factoring, better credit assessment and more. In some use cases you can also create a process where data is sent to or updated in the accounting system.


The most relevant systems in the Nordics

Each system that is added to our network becomes available to you as a partner. In this way, you can grow in one or more markets in the Nordic region with a single API connection.

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Open finance, financial data, API:s, connectivity and more!


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Spark innovation and trust with open finance, one step beyond open banking.

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Updated financial data will be a requirement to obtain a loan. Let's make it simple.

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Make connectivity a part of your tech stack!

We provide comprehensive documentation for API.1, allowing your developers to interact with the API and fully understand how it works, before having to write a single line of code.

  • Connect to API.1 using Auth0 2.0, hosted in the cloud.
  • A suite of RESTful APIs that let you create and manage your customers within API.1.
  • A suite of vendor-agnostic RESTful APIs to let you access your customer data.

It's easy to get started.

Get in touch with us today and find out what's possible to achieve with Zwapgrid API.1.

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Zwapgrid API.1

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