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PRESS: Zwapgrid raises SEK 6.4 million from existing investors

Founder Leo Berghald, new investment round

Zwapgrid is now raising SEK 6.4 million from existing owners in a new round, including angel investor Michael Lantz, who, among other things, scaled up the video service Accedo. Earlier this year, Zwapgrid launched an API to connect small and medium-sized companies' accounting systems and file data throughout the Nordic region, for example to streamline factoring, supplement credit assessments and create cash flow reports with real-time data. 

"We have continued good confidence from existing owners. Before this round, we had secured important deals, such as an agreement with Ikano Bank and also made some changes, including appointing Fredrik Franzén to the board and expanding our offering with, among other things, accounting data for credit assessments and cash flow reports. I am very positive about the future and we have good opportunities to grow in the Nordic region in the coming year," says Leo Berghald, founder and CEO of Zwapgrid.


Press contact: Magnus Serratusell Wallin