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PRESS: Zwapgrid starts collaboration with Ikano Bank in the Nordics

Ikano Bank and Zwapgrid collaboration launch

The Swedish fintech solution Zwapgrid has signed a contract with Ikano Bank in the Nordics, to make it easy for business customers to share invoice data when they want to sell or mortgage their invoices to get funding, so called Factoring. 

“I believe that when you can share your data in a simple and secure way with your bank or factoring company, it’s easier both for the bank to asses and process your loans and for you as a business owner to get efficient service and the funding you need. Our solution, Zwapgrid API.1, makes it possible to access invoice data from both invoice files and accounting APIs, thus making it easier for both Ikano Bank to access the data in an efficient way and for their business customers to get the funding they need. The goal is to ensure that Ikano Bank can connect business customers in all Nordic countries”.


“We have set ambitious goals to deliver an efficient experience to our business customers while reducing the internal stress and risks associated with the assessment and administration of factoring. Standardising how we receive invoice data is an investment that will help us now and in the future. Zwapgrid API.1’s combination of delivering file and API data in a unified way stand out as both unique, powerful and efficient”. Morgan Belic, Global Product Manager B2B at Ikano Bank.

Among others, Realtid, Dagens Teknik and Revisionsvärlden has written articles about the collaboration.

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Press contact: Magnus Serratusell Wallin