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PSP/POS: How to get started with Zwapgrid API.1 for tech teams

webinar on how to get started with Zwapgrid API.1 as a tech team in psp or pos industry

Let us introduce your tech team to how you can get started and help your merchants connect their finance systems to, to automate the accounting of payouts and provide better data for reports, credit assessments, finance solutions and more. In this live webinar, we tell you more about our tech stack and demo how to use our API to get started.


If you missed our first webinar about how to connect your Nordic merchants finance systems, to win their hearts and beat the competition, it is now available on demand.


michael-1624x1080pxl- We provide a secure and RESTful API, focusing on making it simple to use and get started. You use our infrastructure to connect the systems and share data, but you own your product, your customer experience and the important relationships that you evolve with your customers.

Michael Sterling, Head of engineering, Zwapgrid



  • Introduction and overview.
  • User experience and onboarding.
  • The tech stack with examples on how to invite customers, get invoices and post journals.
  • Whats possible now and in the future.
  • Get started now and plan your own journey. 


Yes, i would love to watch the webinar