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PSP or POS? Learn how to remove your merchants biggest pain

On demand webinar with focus on PSP and POS explaining how to help merchants connect their finance systems to automate accounting and more

Spend 21 minutes at your convenience on how you can make it easier for your merchants to connect their financial data to you in a new and efficient way, both to automate the accounting of payments and to offer a complete connected merchant experience that helps both you and your merchants grow.

In this webinar, we talk about how you can:

  • help your Nordic merchants connect their finance systems to you in one unified way with Zwapgrid API.1
  • automate the merchants accounting
  • use our infrastructure to reach new markets and add revenue streams
  • remove risk & improve credit assessment
  • build new products on their financial data.


Zwapgrid -11112021 - Niklas - trekvart - spanar mot framtiden- When your customers connect their financial system to your payment solution, a new world of possibilities opens up. You can both solve one of their biggest pains, the accounting of payouts and also start to understand more about their finances and provide more value.

Since 2016 we've been connecting PSPs and finance systems. This year we launched a new and more efficient way to do it with Zwapgrid API.1.

Let me and my colleagues guide you on a journey towards the connected merchant and help you understand what's possible 2023, and beyond.

Niklas Köhlmark, CPO, Zwapgrid



Yes, i would love to see the webinar!