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Webinar on demand: The SME lending market report

On demand webinar about the sme lending market


Don't miss an opportunity to get a quick overview of the SME lending market and pick up some of the most interesting insights. Carsten Schou Leth, CCO & Deputy CEO at Krea, presents their latest report on the SME lending market and Magnus Serratusell Wallin looks closer at the effect when accounting data is added as a part of the loan application process.

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We walk you through the most important insights from Kreas report based on their own studies on thousands of businesses using their services since 2019.

We will for example look closer at and discuss

  • overall approval rates and what affects them
  • approval rates per industry
  • interest rate levels
  • non-creditworthy versus creditworthy
  • the importance of access to data.

Unique insights

Krea is a Nordic service that helps SME customers compare and find funding from many different partners to Krea. Therefore they gain unique insights and can help you better understand how the market has evolved over time.

Their report focus mainly on the development in Sweden but Krea are also active on other markets in the Nordics. Since we at Zwapgrid focus on lifting the importance of access to accounting data for assessments and factoring, we will use the occasion to learn more about Carsten and Kreas thoughts on the subject.