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Reduce risk and increase efficiency with unified data in the Nordics

webinar on 3 simple steps to access unified data for factoring, to reduce risks and increase efficiency

Factoring and SMB lending in general have to change how data is acquired and used, to tackle a more volatile business environment, where old methods and processes need to be reinvented rather than just updated.

Unifying access to SMB customers data is an effective way to ensure that you have the best possible data to understand your customers and deliver value going forward. In our webinar "3 simple steps to access unified data in the Nordics - to reduce risk and increase efficiency", we will walk you through both how risk, efficiency and timing will impact your business going forward and how you with 3 simple steps can access unified data to have the best possible basis now and in the future.


  • Overview of challenges with risk, efficiency and timing.
  • The connected SMB customer - transparency.
  • How unified data works in practice.
  • 3 simple steps to start now.
  • A secure & simple customer experience..
  • How to get started now and building a road map going forward.


Niklas Köhlmark, CPO at Zwapgrid with long experience from finance, accounting and compliance.

Magnus Serratusell Wallin, CMO at Zwapgrid with long experience from accounting and finance industry.