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Credit scoring and factoring with high or low resolution data?

High or low resolution financial data?

When you analyze images to for example find out who is in the picture or where the photo is taken, you need a certain resolution, or metadata that provides the answer. The same applies to financial data. The less resolution, the harder it will be to use the data to make better decisions for credit scoring, factoring terms, most secure finance method and so much more.

There is a huge difference between having a few “pixels” available or actually knowing your customers “high resolution” financial situation. There are numerous ways to explain the benefits of having access to a more complete picture, here are a few examples based on meetings we have had during the past month with stakeholders in the factoring industry.


Low resolution finance example

  • Your customer sends you a few chosen invoices but you seldom see the others.

  • You automatically or manually (probably a combo) check the invoices and all look good, except that you can’t see the history between your business customer and his customer.

  • You receive last year's annual report but don't know what has happened since then. What if things have changed?


High resolution finance examples

  • You access all invoice data in one unified way, both the ones your customer wants to sell and the rest.

  • You know the history between your business customer and their customers and can assess the risk.

  • You know your customers' complete financial history, situation now and can estimate how it will evolve in the near and far future.


A unified way to access financial data

We know you already understand the value of better data, but do you know how to access higher-resolution data efficiently, without developing and maintaining numerous integrations? After many years of building integrations and helping our partners with an integration platform as a service (IPaaS), we've re-evaluated our approach and are now focusing on one unified way to access financial data.

A smart API with Nordic systems.

Our smart API gives you access to your customers' financial data from the most common systems in the Nordics. We handle the maintenance and connections, you own the experience and the relationship with your customers.

New systems, data entities and file transfer

We continuously update with new systems and new data entities. This applies not only to the data you can access through the APIs of the accounting systems, but also to files with relevant financial data, such as PDFs. This means that together with us you will be able to increase resolution and grow, both in the market where you operate today and beyond to other markets where you want to establish yourself.

Take one step closer to high-resolution financial data with Zwapgrid API.1!

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