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Björn Lundén makes life easier for e-traders with Zwapgrid partnership

Björn Lundén + Zwapgrid

Björn Lundén wants to develop its offering and is therefore entering into a partnership with
integrations platform Zwapgrid. This will make it easier for Björn Lundén to provide its
customers with their standardised solutions for the most common business processes and
the most widely used systems that their customers need, such as automated registration of
payments from payment platforms such as Nets Easy, Klarna and Stripe.

“It’s vital for us to constantly move forward and improve. The first completed integrations
we offer together with Zwapgrid are aimed at e-commerce. This is a fast-growing segment,
so, it makes sense for us to offer more solutions that help accountancy firms that have e-
traders as customers and to e-traders directly. Zwapgrid’s network of systems makes it
easier for us to improve our offering without having to develop or run integrations,”
explains Björn Lundén CEO, Ulf Bokelund Svensson.

Björn Lundén is used by many accountancy firms that have e-traders as clients. With the
help integrations, they can improve the efficiency of how they and their client's work. This is
one way to be able to offer added value and even drive profitability in other revenue
streams than conventional hourly rates.

“A growing number of firms in the accountancy sector are introducing fixed monthly pricing.
For this to be profitable, accounting consultants need to be able to create efficiencies and
help their clients improve their overall efficiency. Integration between Nets Easy and Björn
Lundén, for example, automates accounting needed for reporting of One Stop Shop to the
Swedish Tax Authority. This is a great example of how accounting consultants can save time
that can be better spent on something else,” says Bokelund Svensson.

Zwapgrid focuses on helping software providers to offer their clients turnkey automated
business processes for the most widely used systems. The technology that makes it possible
is made up of a network of systems and onboarding components in which every system that
is added to the network understands and shares data with each other. Zwapgrid packages
and standardises solutions that software partners then offer to their clients.

“We’re proud that Björn Lundén has chosen to enter into a partnership with Zwapgrid. Björn
Lundén has long been an important source of knowledge in the accountancy sector and is
already skilled at offering first-class knowledge and software. We’re able to complement
their offering in innovative new ways. They create new revenue streams and improve
customer satisfaction without having to develop and run the technology themselves. The
other great thing about Zwapgrid is that every system that is added opens up new
opportunities for all systems. In other words, there are excellent opportunities to offer so
much more in the future in collaboration with a wide variety of different systems,” says Leo
Berghald, Zwapgrid CEO and founder.

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