Our business model

  • No start-up cost

  • It's free of charge to register your company in Zwapgrid

  • We only charge for the sharing of data between systems, customers and partners. (transactions)

  • The more transactions you have per month, the less you pay per transaction (see definition).

  • The monthly cost(subscription cost) have a equivalent value in transactions.


What does a transaction cost?

We handle numerous systems and messages with everything from articles, orders,invoices, time reports and work schedules.

General a transaction cost between one and ten kronor. For example the price to synchronize a customer from Pipedrive to Fortnox is 0,4 EUR. As the volumes goes up the price goes down.

Are you working for a Software Company? Our partners have in many cases customized pricing structures adapted to their own business models. Please get in contact for a short discussion!
— The Zwapgrid team
Zwapgrid powers software companies focused on growth, with new models like crowdfunding, revenue share, Pay-as-you-go, and machine learning.