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We have connected your systems!

We help Nordic companies connect platforms, systems and tools that they often use, such as Nordea, Fortnox, Klarna and Shopify, as well as 50 other systems.

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The Challenge

The shift from large do-it-all monolithic systems to best-of-breed software has created an accelerated demand for integrations. This need is generally met with one-to-one integrations built by consultants or the software companies themselves.

Today, a change in one API leads to necessary changes in thousands of integrations.
Expensive, no scalability and MVP:s


How we are making a difference


We have built a network of systems where companies and systems send and receive data in ways and formats that they prefer.
Zwapgrid translates data into a generic format. Thus, we can deliver data to all connected companies and systems.

When connecting a new software to our network it communicates with all relevant systems by design.

No more individual one-off-solutions.
It’s Google Translate for data.

Our primary go-to-market strategy is to enable software companies to offer our connected systems to their customer base through an implemented MarketPlace.

Get started



Create an account or log in, and select "Integration" in the menu.



Answer a few questions about your new connection, what data you would like to manage and how often.


Sit back and enjoy a coffee, because now you're done!

  • Zwapgrid's solution gives us great opportunities. The simplicity of deploying integrations combined with the portal where we can view, adapt and maintain all integrations for our customers use makes our work incredibly smooth.

    Erica Rådling, Applikationskonsult, Win Win Ekonomi


As a company, it is important to spend time and resources on the right things. With Zwapgrid you can easily automate processes that usually require manual work.

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Attestation regulations, payments and tallying take a lot of time, but with Zwapgrid's solution you can easily create automated workflows that take care of all that.

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With our API, you can connect your customers to over 50 different systems - with just one single integration.

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Save time

With automatic bank payments, you can go from several manual steps to one single digital workflow. As smoot as it ever can be.


With our cloud-based services, all the data is being streamed in real time between all our systems, customers and partners.


Zwapgrid's solutions are secure as well as encrypted and meet the high requirements for secure data transfer.


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In our customer service, you are always met by friendly people and smart bots. Contact us by e-mail, phone or in our chat.

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