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who want to be able to offer
its customers robust integrations and automated processes

Many agencies are experiencing an increasing need for integrations. This is handled either by the customer obtaining integrations that in many cases do not work well, and creates lots of work that is difficult to pay for.
Other accounting consultants help the client find these, but have no margin on the services, which also in many cases work less well. An example of services we deliver is automatic check-off and bookkeeping of payments to banks,

Stripe, Klarna and others.


Zwap Appstore (ZwapStore)


The challenge

Lots of new systems and services increase the need for integrations drastically. A large number of different providers of integrations increase the complexity and number of problems. It can e.g. is about posting data from Stripe, PayPal or iZettle.

03 Supply and onboarding

Every week we add new systems and more endpoints to and from systems in the network. We do this in close collaboration with our partners to create a friction-free onboarding of new customers. Together with you, we make it work optimally.

02 Quality

We live as we learn and work agile with continuous integration, comprehensive testing and a number of tools that help us test, performance-assured and release new integrations almost daily. Of course, safety is always a top priority.



Tangles in integrations are impossible to avoid, so we have a strong focus on making it easy to handle when something goes wrong. If there is support in the user's system, we can send information directly there, so the user can handle it where they are, otherwise we can send clear emails or push messages.

"The combination of opportunities with simple deployments of integrations and a portal where we can see, modify and maintain all integrations that our customers use, lays the foundation for a flexible way of working.
This facilitates the digital processes for both us as an agency and for our customers
", says application consultant Erica Rådling at Win Win Ekonomi.

Some partners


Both safe and future-proof

Our continuous improvements are made immediately available to all our customers.

Monitoring and operation

We monitor all traffic, around the clock


Two-way synchronization

Change in one place, make it work everywhere


Integrate once - forever

We update all integrations with all systems






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