We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.
— Charles Kingsley

Meet the (for now...) small team that is set out to change how companies share data between systems, customers and partners.

CLB Profil 400x400.png

Leo Berghald, CEO & Founder

An optimist who likes to relax with triathlon/multisport and sailing when he doesn't have a computer in front of him. Prior experience include founding and building RemoteX Technologies AB, acquired in January 2017 by Lime.

Full LinkedIn profile.


Dennis Åhlin, CTO & Co-founder

Dennis is a passionate developer and integrator, something he has practiced during a number of years at companies like Apollo Travel and RemoteX where he among other positions were responsible for the Integrations team. When Dennis let's go of his keyboard you'll probably find him in Whistler, Azerbajdzjan or on a boat in the Mediterranean. 


Manne Sandler, Product owner & CO-founder

"Gentlemen, start your engines..." Manne is a dedicated car enthusiast and spends the ice-free part of the year at some car track. At Zwapgrid Manne is responsible for all projects and coordinates all development work in Stockholm and Kiev, Ukraine.


Anton BW.png

Anton Shyrokykh, Software Developer

Anton has a Masters Degree and has during the past years worked with everything from national banking systems to systems for handling telecommunication. He is also Microsoft Certified Professional and certified within Angular och C#

When not coding Anton just hangs out with friends and reads.


Kate Zorina, Software Developer

Kate is since december 2017 working as a fullstack developer in our development center in Kiev. Kate has more than five years of working experience within development of everything from ERP-systems to e-commerce and infrastructure.

Kate has a Bachelors degree from Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics and enjoys Mountainbiking (who doesn't?...)

bild-viktor BW.jpg

Viktor Nordgren, Intern

Viktor has a background in the gaming industry but new spends his days helping Zwapgrid succeed with this journey.