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Pipedrive - Vad synkas?

Flöde Export Import
Deals true false
Organizatons true false
Persons true false
Products true false
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Pipedrive - Filter & Inställningar

Creation date [date] Select from what creation date you want to fetch deals.
Create order rows from activities [checkbox] Order row must be created for every activity, if this option selected
Create order rows from products [checkbox] Order row must be created for every product, if this option selected
Status [select]
Pipeline [select] Select from what pipeline we should export orders.
Currency [select] Only export deals with selected currencies.
Organizations [radio] All, Organizations with at least one won deal
Persons [radio] What persons should be exported? All persons, Only persons with at least one won deal
Currency [select] What currency should be used on prices?

Pipedrive - Vilken data hämtas?

$.data.org_id.value (data from /organizations/{id})
$.data.products_count (data from /deals/{id}/products)
$ (from /deals/{id} -> $.data.org_id.value)
$ (from /deals/{id} -> $.data.person_id.value)
$.data[*].id (from /deals/{id}/activities)
$.data[*].duration (* used in calculation)

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