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600+ turnkey integrations ready to launch.

Zwapgrid has over 600 turnkey integrations between various IT systems that can be used in just a few minutes. Our cloud service acts as a switch
that can be connected to any system. 


Zwapgrid offers a number of solutions for varying
business needs for streaming data between systems.

Manages events in a company's bank account so payment information works regardless of file format and setup. This service is for company owners who want to simplify and speed up your settlements, and for software companies and agencies interested in offering want to offer their customers this service.



Robust solutions to handle invoices, payments etc. for companies working with invoicing, factoring and more.


Zwap Billing

A platform for e-commerce with the need to integrate e-commerce solutions with business systems, TA systems, inventory / 3PL and payments / settlements.



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