Zwapgrid for software companies

Zwapgrid is an integration platform. We have more than 800 turnkey integrations between various IT systems that can be used in just a few minutes. Our cloud service acts as a switch that can be connected to any system. Instead of building one-to-one integrations, connect to Zwapgrid and you get access to all other systems in the grid.

As a software company you become our partner, focusing on your own software while we handle the integrations. Do what you do best and we do what we do best. We are experts on handling data regarding customers, invoices and payments. 

Join the grid!

Zwap Connect

One way to receive data exactly the way you prefer, regardless of system, format and methods.

Zwap AutoPay

Automatically updated systems of incoming and outgoing payments from the company's account. 


När era kunder vill ha snabb och enkel onboarding av nya integrationer.

Zwap Connect –

one integration only

One way to receive data exactly the way you prefer, regardless of system, format and methods.

Many software companies realize that customers are demanding additional integrations while the demands on their own software are increasing. Zwapgrid is an alternative to building specific one-to-one integrations. With one connection to Zwapgrid you will have access to integrations with all other systems in the grid. Ongoing improvements are immediately available to all our customers

Monitoring and hosting 

We monitor all traffic, 24/7


Two-way sync

Change in one system and update all others


Integrate just once – forever

Keeping everything up to date


Zwap AutoPay

Automatic payments, for real! 

How does it work?


We connect your API to our network in

order to exchange data. 


Give us access to your documentation and sandbox environments to your systems. 


We investigate the best practice of endpoints, webhooks, encryption and methods for onboarding.


Implement our appstore in your product

for a quick and smooth onboarding.


All integrations in our network is now available to your existing and future customers. 




Zwap AutoPay for Software companies

Zwapgrid "speak" ISO 20022 and the banks' new payment standard based on P27. This means that if we connect your APIs for supplier invoices / customer invoices and payments (RemittenceAdvice), we can in many cases deliver a fantastic end customer experience while you can focus on your software.

Let us help you!




Onboarding and infrastructure:

  • Create a connection to the company's bank account

  • Infrastructure for allowing signatories to delegate signing rights to employees

  • Opportunity to provide you with complete customer and supplier ledgers from the financial systems


Payment initiation:

  • Retrieve data from e.g. supplier invoices and create payments in the bank, including foreign payments

  • Get information about completed payments, to tick off and post these in your APIs

  • Signing via BankID



  • Retrieve account balance from an end customer's company bank account

  • Get information about incoming payments, including international payments to tick off and post these in your API:s

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