The perfect solution

for accounting agencies

Increase profitability and efficiency by automating your services. Our solution is created for accounting firms - to make it better for you, and smoother for your clients.

More counseling, less routine tasks

Support your customers with advice and consultation instead of manual routine tasks. With Zwapgrid's solution, you not only streamline your own work but also create really flexible accounting and bookkeeping services.

Save time with smart automation

Let automated feeds handle certification, payments and check-off. When you get away from manual hand-laying, you get more time for value-creating tasks.

Better for you, better for your customers

Improved work processes create benefits for both your own business and your customers. By, for example, scheduling certification reminders, neither you nor your customers miss any important payments. Your customers also easily certify with BankID.

Get started in three easy steps!


Sign in

Log in to Zwapgrid and select the system you want to join, for example your bank or your accounting system.



Choose what is to be automated, for example invoice payments.



Verify your attitude, sit back and enjoy a coffee - now you're done!

"Zwapgrid's solution gives us great opportunities. The simplicity of deploying integrations combined with the portal where we can view, adapt and maintain all integrations that our customers use makes our work incredibly much smoother. 

Erica Rådling, Applikacation Consultant at Win-Win Ekonomi

Five reasons to log in to Zwapgrid, instead of Fortnox:

  1. Connecting your customers to Autopay simplifies your work when you no longer need to log in to your customers' financial systems several times a week.

  2. With customer-specific settings and accounting rules for payments, check-off and accounting, everything is becoming more efficient - with more satisfied customers as a result.

  3. Bank accounts, payment platforms, systems and thousands of installations are monitored safely and securely automatically via their APIs.

  4. You easily handle a large number of different systems in one place.

  5. Zwapgrid is the first Nordic platform to fully support the new P27 payment infrastructure.

Get access to lots of systems and solutions

Make it easier for both yourself and your customers by offering good integrations, which work.
When you connect to Zwapgrid, you get access to a variety of systems and solutions.
With Zwapgrid you can offer flexible solutions for both automatic flows and integrations.

Connect business systems

- with Zwap Store

In our Zwap Store you will find all the systems that can easily be connected to, and new ones are added every week. Together with our partners, we ensure that you can easily connect the systems and that everything works optimally.

Automate payments

- with Autopay

With AutoPay, you no longer need to have access to your clients' bank account to upload payment files. Everything happens automatically and your clients easily sign their payments with BankID. Payment and check-off against the correct invoice takes place automatically, completely without the imposition of a hand at the time of day that you or your customer has chosen.

In our customer service, you are always met by friendly people and smart people. Contact us via Chat, email or phone.

Telefon: +46 8 580 97 030 

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