Zwapgrid for Accounting Firms

Many agencies experience an increasing need for integrations, and they often handle it by setting up their own integrations. However, in many cases it does not work well, creating a lot of work that is difficult to get payed for.

An example of services we deliver is automatic tallying and accounting of payments to banks, Stripe and Klarna and more.

Zwap AutoPay

Save time and money with automatic payments.


Get started giving your customers the best integrations and automatic processes.


Zwap AutoPay

Zwap AutoPay automates the entire payment process, allowing you to focus on developing the company and keeping a dialogue with your client.

Från och med nu slipper ni all onödig administration.


Ni behöver bara se till att fakturan kommer in i systemet. Sedan sköter vi resten. Godkänn era betalningar med BankID när det passar dig. Avprickning och bokföring sker automatiskt. 


Välkommen till en ny betalningsvärld!

This is how it works

What WE do




Supplier invoices with amount and due date are retrieved from your financial system.

You approve your invoices with BankID, at a frequency, day and time that suits you.

The invoices are sent to the bank for payment.


The payments are book kept.


All deposits and withdrawals as well as bank messages are retrieved.

What YOU need to do


Add your accounting system and bank to your Zwapgrid account. 


Choose who are to approve payments.


Choose when and how often you want to pay your invoices.


Choose who are to receive notifications.

It is also possible to create other rules for accounting, for example taxes or loans. Furthermore, you can handle other payments than banks, such as Klarna and Stripe payments, in the same account. 

Q&A Zwap AutoPay

Why are we launching AutoPay?

As you probably know, society is facing a shift in technology in terms of payments. Every day, 6 million transactions, or SEK 68 billion, flow through Bankgirot's payment system.

At the end of 2023, Bankgirot's file format will be replaced by the European standard ISO20022.


This means a major change for banks as well as accounting firms and companies.

Why should you join AutoPay now?

We help you get an easy and safe transition to the new infrastructure without major investments. At the same time, we automate several steps in the process.

What do you need to do?

You just need to make sure that the invoice enters the system. Then we take care of the rest.


Accept your payments with BankId. Check-out and accounting takes place automatically.

"The combination of opportunities with simple deployments of integrations and a portal where we can see, modify and maintain all integrations that our customers use, lays the foundation for a flexible way of working"

Says application consultant Erica Rådling at Win Win Ekonomi.

Some partners


Zwap Appstore (ZwapStore)


The challenge

Lots of new systems and services increase the need for integrations drastically. A large number of different providers of integrations increase the complexity and number of problems. It can e.g. is about posting data from Stripe, PayPal or iZettle.

03 Supply and onboarding

Every week we add new systems to the network. We do this together with our partners to create as smooth an onboarding of new customers as possible. Together with you, we make it work optimally.

02 Quality

We work extensively with testing daily.
Of course, safety is always a top priority.



Tangles in integrations are impossible to avoid, and therefore we have a strong focus on making it easy to handle issues whenever something goes wrong. 

MyBI -Visualize data in Fortnox

Integration to visualize and work with data in Fortnox

MyBI acts as an interface between Microsoft Power BI and Fortnox, which makes it easy to visualize your financial data. You can create reports and dashboards for yourself or share with other stakeholders and colleagues, develop your own key figures, reports and graphs. It is also easy to transfer data to Excel.


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