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Powerful integrations for the digitalisation-oriented

Zwapgrid has over 850 ready-made integrations that automate the manual work around invoicing and payment administration.


Transfer your data in a simple, smooth and automated way

Do you have a company that offers invoicing and financing services? Do you also handle your invoices and financial transactions in a traditional and time-consuming way that involves large costs for you?


Let us make it easier for you.

Our integration retrieves information such as customer registers, orders and products, and then forwards the data to the recipient where invoices and vouchers are created.

The product is called Billing , read more about how you can save time and money.  


Automate your payments and your accounting in 2 minutes

Our smart integration allows you to approve your payments with BankID. You get an automatic update when payments and withdrawals are made to the company's account.

Let us take care of your payments.

Integration ensures that bank events on the account are marked as payments on customer invoices and supplier invoices, which saves you a lot of time around the administration.

Managing the company's finances has never been so easy! Learn more about the product: AutoPay .


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