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Uppdaterad: 17 dec 2019

Integrations are nowadays an integral part of every software company. But it takes a lot of money, personell and resources to build, maintain and support. Resources that could be better used for developing the actual product and staying at the edge in the market.

Common solutions to this issue include hiring some expensive consultancy firm to build integrations for you, maintaining an "open API" for clients to develop their own integrations, or simply dealing with it by having an integration development department. None of these are great solutions.

Enter Zwapgrid. We provide a single integration point for software companies to access any other software in our network that handles the same type of data. We do this by integrating your API with our core and translating your data into a standard format. This makes it possible for us to transfer this data to any other system.

We also provide the Zwapstore, an integration app store which you can simply embed in your interface to allow your customer to setup integrations to their other softwares in minutes.

Interesting, eh? Contact us for more info!

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