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Bank integration in a click

We have connected the largest banks in the Nordic region to Zwapgrid. This makes it possible for you as a customer of one of the major banks to create direct connections between your most important systems and your bank.


Integrate your bank with your systems

By connecting your bank to your other systems, you can save time for your organization and reduce the risk of errors. Here is a few things our solution can assist with:

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What bank do you have?



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This is how it works

Choose which of the systems in our network you want to connect to, which data to use and then just get started.

We connect systems

Because we integrate established systems in a standardized way, we can constantly replenish our network of different systems. When a new system is integrated, we ensure that all updates are transferred to active systems.


Connect your account

It is very easy to connect to the systems in our network. To connect, just enter your login details or the API key for the current system.


Your systems talk to each other

Once you have entered your information and confirmed your connection, the system connection is complete. Now your systems talk to each other and you do not have to do anything more for it to work. Flexible, right?

Top 3 integrations


SEB - Fortnox

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Nordea - Paypal

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Nordea Visma

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Get started

Feel free to contact us no matter what you need help with or what questions you have - no question is too small or too big. Hope to hear from you!

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