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Run your business on Zwapgrid!

The integration platform that teams up with SaaS companies who focus on their own software and lets us handle their integrations. We are experts in handling data related to customers, orders invoices, payments and the banks' P27.


Additional and better integrations

The number of integrations are constantly increasing. Our cloud service interconnect the most highly demanded business support systems in finance, billing, e-commerce and payments. Send and receive data regardless of if your customers are using systems that rely on SOAP, files on FTP or RESTful API.

Choose systems

Choose the systems and integrations you want to offer to your customers. 


Give access

Give us access to your documentation and sandbox environments.


Implement us

Implementera our appstore in your product for a quick and easy onboarding.


The challenge

To be able to easily offer your end customers simple and smooth onboarding despite the fact that all systems have their own ways to authenticate the customer. We handle everything from OATH to BankID, and of course usernames and passwords.

The solution

Our solution is usually implemented as an iFrame in our partner's software, and customers hardly notice that we are a technology supplier. We work agile with continuous integration and comprehensive testing.  Of course, safety is always a top priority.

Supply and onboarding

Every week, we add new systems and more endpoints to and from systems in the network. We do this in close collaboration with our partners. Together with you, we make it work optimally.


Tangles in integrations are impossible to avoid, therefore we have a strong focus on making it easy to handle issues whenever something goes wrong.

Monitoring and operation

We monitor all traffic and make live updates.


Two-way synchronization

Change in one place, make it work everywhere.

Integrate once - forever

We update all integrations with all systems.

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The new financial infrastructure

We are one of the first companies in Sweden that fully supports the new financial infrastructure created by P27 Nordic Payments, a company owned by the Nordic banks. Our solution automates the entire process of payments and book keeping. We connect your API for invoices and payments, letting you focus on your own software.
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