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Connect to your systems in our cloud

Many companies experience that they need a number of different integrations to make internal systems work well. With us, you can easily handle all internal and external workflows.

We offer, for example, automatic tallying and accounting of payments to banks, Stripe, Klarna and more, as well as e-commerce and EDI.


Automatic payments

Our solution automates the entire process regarding payments and book keeping. When a customer invoice is issued, it will then automatically be sent to the customer for digital signing, after which the payment is sent to the bank. The next step is that the payment is automatically entered in the books.

We also handle payments to other accounts, such as Klarna and Stripe within the same solution. Both orders and customers are created automatically. The payment and book keeping process is also part of this digital and automatic process. We also support different currencies and sales regions.
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More counseling, less routine tasks

Support your customers with advice and consultation instead of manual routine tasks. With Zwapgrid's solution, you not only streamline your own work but also create really flexible accounting and bookkeeping services.

Save time with smart automation

Let automated feeds handle certification, payments and check-off. When you get away from manual hand-laying, you get more time for value-creating tasks.

Better for you, better for your customers

By scheduling certification reminders, neither you nor your customers miss any important payments. Your customers also easily certify with BankID.

A platform for e-traders

 Some want item and inventory balances to be controlled primarily by the business system, while others prefer to do so from the e-commerce platform. We support all of these scenarios even though we depend on the feeds supported by different system vendors.
Zwap e-Commerce

We handle orders, order status, articles, customers, prices, inventory management, balance, and multishop support.
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Visualize your financial data

If you use Fortnox or Visma e-ekonomi you can easily visualize your financial data by using the service MyBI. You will be able to create your own key performance indicators and create different reports and charts. It is also possible to share the data.