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One account - all your integrations


Welcome to integrations world of tomorrow. 

Zwapgrid is a data exchange platform that builds smart, affordable, and scalable integrations solution. Trusted partner for software companies who want to become a part of our network and an outstanding choice for companies wanting to automate administrative work.


We have built solutions for the most challenging and time consuming routines that generate large volumes of manual work.



Handle all financial transactions with our banking solution. Arrange account-specific-settings, accounting rules and schedule notifications for outgoing transactions. 

Zwapgrid supports the P27 infrastructure - the Nordic initiative that will affect all of the organizations that use Bankgiro. We can also help customers connect to banks via PSD2.


Nordics first all-in-one integration for Klarna and Stripe. We automate the most time consuming processes - handling all financial transactions, invoicing, vouchers and refunds.

Handle multiple webshops and sales regions, different currencies and VAT rates, and transaction fees. No volume limitations, access to all features without additional fees and fixed price.


Automate entire order-flow within a few minutes. We collect all the orders with information about customers and products, which then is pushed into the financial system where invoice basis is created. 

Connect your e-commerce platform to one of the listed ERP-systems and our integration will handle the rest. It is both time and cost efficient.



Extract customer and product information from orders and financial transactions data, which will create invoicing basis. 

Choose e-commerce, payment solution or a bank from our catalogue and connect it with your invoicing system. Save resources on the repetitive work that steals time from organization and become more efficient.


With our financial solutions, companies can connect to our integrations for factoring and debt collection management services with some of the leading software suppliers. 

Via that service, invoicing and financial statement information will be received and sent. Send unpaid and overdue invoices between different companies and softwares without manual administration.

And more

With extensive experience and deep down knowledge of the market, we have selected some of the leading software companies to be able to offer their customers a large number of smooth, simple and affordable integrations - for a safer and more efficient work routines. 

Except for our main categories, we also have integrations with softwares within time management, CRM, KYC and some FTP and UBL solutions.

Connected systems



As a company, it is important to spend time and resources on the right things. With ours, you can easily automate processes that usually require a lot of manual hand-laying.

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Accounting agencies

Certificate ordering, payments and check-off take a lot of time. With our solution, you can easily set up automated flows that take care of just this.

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Software Companies

Through our API, you have the opportunity to connect your customers to almost 60 different systems - with just a single integration.

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Save time

With automatic bank payments, you can go from several manual steps to one single digital workflow. As smoot as it ever can be.


With our cloud-based services, all the data is being streamed in real time between all our systems, customers and partners.


Zwapgrid's solutions are secure as well as encrypted and meet the high requirements for secure data transfer.


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