Software companies

Zwapgrid is an integration platform that teams up with software companies who  focuses on their own software and lets us handle their integrations.


We are experts in handling data related to customers, invoices, payments and the banks' P27.

+ another 50 system

Zwap Connect -

one integration only

Get data exactly the way you prefer, regardless of system, format and methods.

Receive and send data in a way that suits you, regardless of whether your customers use systems that have SOAP, files on FTP or RESTful APIs.

Monitoring and operation

We monitor all traffic and make live updates


Two-way synchronization

Change in one place, and it work everywhere


Integrate once - forever

We update all integrations with all systems






This is how it works

This is what we do


We connect your APIs or file structures to our network to enable data exchange


In consultation with you, we decide on how it should work with endpoints, webhooks, encryption and methodology for onboarding


You can now offer all your current and future customers all the integrations that are in our network

This is what you do


Choose which systems you want to be able to offer your customers to integrate to


Provide us with documentation and sandbox environments for your systems


Implement our app store into your product to enable easy and fast onboarding

Zwap AutoPay for software companies

Zwapgrid "talks" ISO 20022 and the banks' new payment standard based on P27. This means that if we connect your APIs for supplier invoices / customer invoices and payments (RemittenceAdvice), we can in many cases deliver a fantastic end customer experience, while you can focus on your software.

Let us help you with:




Onboarding and infrastructure:

  • Create a connection to the company's bank account

  • Infrastructure for allowing signatories to delegate signing rights to employees

  • Opportunity to provide you with complete customer and supplier ledgers from the financial systems


If you want to make payments:

  • Retrieve data from e.g. supplier invoices and create payments in the bank, including foreign payments

  • Get information about completed payments, to tick off and post these in your APIs

  • Signing via BankID


If you want to post / tick off payments:

  • Retrieve account balance from an end customer

  • Get information about incoming payments, including international payments to tick off and post these in your APIs


Zwap Appstore (ZwapStore)


The challenge

To be able to easily offer your end customers simple and smooth onboarding despite the fact that all systems have their own ways to authenticate the customer. We handle everything from OATH to BankID, and of course usernames and passwords.


Supply and onboarding

Every week, we add new systems and more endpoints to and from systems in the network. We do this in close collaboration with our partners in order to create a friction-free onboarding for new customers. Together with you, we make it work optimally.

02 The solution

Our solution is usually implemented as an iFrame in our partner's software, and customers hardly notice that we are a technology supplier. We live as we learn and work agile with continuous integration, comprehensive testing and a number of tools that help us test, performance-assured and release new integrations almost daily. Of course, safety is always a top priority.



Tangles in integrations are impossible to avoid, therefore we have a strong focus on making it easy to handle issues whenever something goes wrong. If there is support in the user's system, we can send information there directly, so the user can handle it where they are. Otherwise, we can send comprehensible emails or push messages.

Contact us

At Zwapgrid, you are always met by a friendly person or smart cure. You are welcome to contact us via the chat by clicking the icon at the bottom right, or email or call us directly via:


Phone: +46 8-580 970 30



Zwap Connect

One way to receive data exactly the way you prefer, regardless of system, format and methods.

Zwap AutoPay

Automatically updated systems of incoming and outgoing payments from the company's account


When your customers want fast and easy onboarding with new integrations.


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