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One network of systems, instead of many one-off solutions

With a single account, you have access to automated business processes between the most requested systems for finance, invoicing, e-commerce and payments in the Nordic region.


Popular integrations...


Integrera Fortnox med...

Klarna / Stripe / Harvest / Pipedrive / WooCommerce / Shopify / SoftOne

Integrera Pipedrive med...


Integrera Visma eEkonomi med...


Integrera Harvest med...


Integrera WooCommerce med...


Integrera Stripe med...


Integrera Klarna med...


Integrera Shopify med...

...and some more popular integrations.


&rankly &frankly - integrationer
Acconomy Acconomy - integrationer
Alexis HR Alexis HR - integrationer
AutoPay - Zwapgrid AutoPay - integrationer
BEX Online BEX Online - integrationer
Billecta Billecta - integrationer
Billogram Billogram - integrationer
bitlog_400x400 Bitlog - integrationer
Bjorn Lundén Björn Lundén - integrationer
CSV CSV - integrationer med CSV-filer
EDI EDI - integrationer
E-post E-post - integrationer
Factoringgruppen Factoringgruppen - integrationer
Finqr Finqr - integrationer
Fortnox-1 Fortnox - integrationer
Hantverksappen Hantverksappen - integrationer
Hantverksdata Hantverksdata - integrationer
Harvest-1 Harvest - integrationer
inline reporter logo Inline Reporter - integrationer
Invoice Online - Invoice Finance Invoice Online - Invoice Finance - integrationer
keeros_logo Keeros - integrationer
Klarna-1 Klarna - integrationer
Monitor Monitor - integrationer
MrShoebox-1 MrShoebox - integrationer
Nets Nets - integrationer
Nordea Nordea - integrationer
ongoing-1 Ongoing - integrationer
Orio Orio Logistics - integrationer
PE Accounting PE Accounting - integrationer
pipedrive-1 Pipedrive - integrationer
Procountor - Accountor Finago Procountor - Accountor Finago - integrationer

Pyramid - integrationer

Integrera Pyramid med...


Quinyx Quinyx - integrationer
Regtech Solutions Regtech Solutions - integrationer
Rerum - Res:harmonics Rerum Res:harmonics - integrationer
SEB SEB - integrationer
Sendify Sendify - integrationer
SFTP/FTP SFTP/FTP - integrationer
Shopify - integrationer
Integrera Shopify med...
Siemens Desigo CC Siemens Desigo CC - integrationer

SoftOne - integrationer

Integrera SoftOne med...

Specter Specter - integrationer
Starweb Starweb - integrationer
Stripe Stripe - integrationer
Superkoll - Wint Superkoll - Wint - integrationer
UBL UBL - integrationer
Visma Administration 1000/2000 Visma Administration 1000 & 2000 - integrationer
Visma Advisor Visma Advisor - integrationer
Visma Business Visma Business - integrationer
VismaAdvisor Visma eEkonomi - integrationer
Waya Waya - integrationer
WooCommerce WooCommerce - integrationer
Zoined Zoined - integrationer
Ahléns Åhléns - integrationer

Our solutions 



Zwapgrid is the first Nordic platform to fully support the Nordic payment infrastructure P27. We can also help connect you to the banks via PSD2.

With our banking solutions, you can offer your customers to handle all payments with BankId without having to log in to the bank. As an accounting firm, you can offer them to tailor the layout with individually scheduled notifications about upcoming payments. In addition, our solution makes it easy to arrange customer-specific settings and accounting rules for payments, check-off and accounting.


Financial system

We have some of the Nordic region's largest and most in-demand integrations with financial programs for those of you who want to automate the company's accounting and invoicing. With extensive experience and deep knowledge of the industry, we have selected some of the Nordic region's leading and most reliable cloud-based accounting programs in order to be able to offer our customers a large number of easy-to-handle and affordable integrations - for a safer and more efficient everyday life.

Switch on and off - where and when it suits you.

Payment solutions

Retail transactions come in batches and are time consuming to enter into accounting programs one by one. With our solution, you automate a large part of the flow and we can handle invoices, check-offs, vouchers and refunds. We can also handle transaction fees, different currencies and VAT rates, as well as multiple sales regions.

Connect your payment platform with Fortnox and SEB for the greatest profit and efficiency.



With our e-commerce solutions, you automate order processing and invoicing in a few quick clicks. We collect the orders for the information about the customers and the products, which are then pushed into the financial program where the invoice basis is created.

Stop wasting your resources on manually entering hundreds and thousands of orders when you can automate the entire process in minutes.



Are you in need of financial services within invoice mortgaging, invoice purchasing and debt collection management with the market's highest quality and best terms? Via our invoicing solutions, you handle invoices, payment information and accounting easily and quickly. Send your unpaid and overdue invoices between different companies and software without manual administration.


Pipedrive is a sales management program. When you have closed a store, an order is created in the financial system.

Harvest is one of the world's leading programs for project and time accounting. We usually collect invoices from Harvest, deliver them to, for example, Fortnox or another financial system. When the invoice is marked as paid in the financial system, it is also marked as paid in Harvest. Of course, we create customers and articles in the financial system if they are missing.


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