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Don’t build your own integrations

Building and maintaining your own integrations requires significant investment, and it’s flat-out difficult to get right. Let us do that. That’s what we do best.

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Data is Power.

By partnering with us, we can offer more data, more connectivity and more knowledge of the end user. Our tech is powerful and we want to offer that tech to you.

A steadily growing network of solutions

We build connectivity between SaaS systems and we won’t stop. Have an idea to pitch to us? We’d love to hear it. Let's connect the future, together.

Join the grid

The partner connection

There’s no stopping where this can go. Our grid is your grid. Have access to our partners softwares and connect your solution to an even bigger network, with us.

We are the best at offering connectivity

Just look at our partners! We specialize in creating solutions between tech companies and we want to do this with you.

Our infrastructure, your products.

This is how we work.



  • Zwapgrid connects your system to our infrastructure and interpret your data into our generic language. A bit like Google Translate, but for data.

  • We activate and test communications with the relevant systems that already exist in our network.

  • We set up onboarding for your customers in your system or website with a smooth iframe to make it easy for you to sell the products that we create for you.


  • We create a common implementation plan for processes and systems that are relevant now and further on.

  • We test with your pilot customers and make sure everything works.

  • We provide management support, concepts and FAQ to help you and your team go to market.


  • We manage the ongoing operation and update all connections if there are changes in any of the systems in the network.

  • Together with you we can also provide support to plan additional functionalities and which softwares that your customers need now and in the future.

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Yes, we love to talk about integrations

– But it’s also who we are that is important. 

"It's difficult to build new software and sometimes equally hard to understand the structure of already existing ones. So, why reinvent the wheel and spend invaluable development resources on something that someone else has already built for you? We collaborate in multi-functional teams with different expertise to deliver a first class partner experience to you."

Magnus, Head Of Communication at Zwapgrid

Cloud Native

We have built a resilient, fault-tolerant system that integrate many of the major systems both in the Nordics and globally. We store credentials securely using the strongest encryption algorithms.

We run in the cloud, making use of the most up to date technologies to ensure that our platform benefits from the security benefits and updates of services running in Microsoft Azure, as well as using the best security tools to ensure we constantly check and assess our standing with regards to vulnerabilities.

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Our technology is what sets us apart. It is what makes partners like Nets and Kivra want to work with us.

We have built a robust data cloud.


Join the grid

We provide expertise in

  1. How to map and understand APIs and other integration tech.

  2. How the most frequently used APIs and softwares work.

  3. The most relevant software in the Nordics and Northern Europe.

  4. Handling secure connections between many systems.

  5. Building and maintaining functionality for accounting, invoicing, factoring, shipping, warehouse and more.

  6. How to package, market and sell the ready-made products toward your customers.

You stay experts at

  1. Understanding your customers needs through analysis and experience.

  2. Collaborating with your and our development team when needed.

  3. Implementing new offerings in your platform or homepage.

  4. Marketing and selling the products we create for you toward your customers.

  5. Focusing on how to win your current or new markets by continuously expanding your offering together with us.

We provide SaaS connectivity and we do it well

Expand the possibilities by connecting with other fintech companies. We build connectivity between SaaS companies and we won’t stop. Have an idea to pitch to us? We’d love to hear it. How can we connect the future, together.

Join the grid