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Join the grid! Become a key player in your customers ecosystem

Zwapgrid is a system of networks that can easily understand, fetch and deliver data between each other. In a way, it is like Google Translate for data. With our technology we help system partners in e.g. PSP, POS, banking, logistics and invoicing offer their customers added value through e.g. automatic accounting and system communication with the market's most common financial systems and e-commerce platforms.

  • Increase customer loyalty. Help your customers automate more through your system.
  • Generate new revenue. Sell ready-made solutions and new services.
  • Focus on creating the world's best system instead of devoting resources to developing separate integrations on your own.

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Gain access to a growing number of systems instead of building integrations one at a time

Once we have implemented your system in our network you can communicate with all other systems, creating a fast growth model for integrations and automation. Easier to implement, maintain and scale up than other alternatives.

By partnering with Zwapgrid, you get the right foundation to package ready-made solutions and continuously offer more added value. 

  • Offer automated business processes that generate ongoing revenue, such as automated accounting and sync of important data with other systems.
  • Expand your offer continuously with more systems and services.
  • Use data from your customers' other systems in consultation with them to create new attractive business models that provide more value to customers and more revenue streams for you.

Zwapgrid enables you to offer business process automation

It is possible to automate more or less complex processes between different systems in Zwapgrids network. Here are some business processes that can be automated for your customers.

  • Automate accounting with data from a wide range of systems.
  • Automate bookkeeping of payments.
  • Create and manage invoices.
  • Get invoice information for factoring and similar financing.
  • Manage payments with the new Nordic P27 standard.
  • Fetch information from balance sheet and  income statements for assessment.
  • Sync stock balance.
  • Sync order management.
  • Create shipments and subsequent tracking.
  • Initiate payments.

What systems?

We have several systems in our network and continuously add more, partnering with different system suppliers. This means that together we can review which of the existing systems are relevant now and also create a common plan to add more to reach new customers and markets. Here are some examples of system types that we have today.

  • Financial systems (ERP systems, accounting, bookkeeping)
  • Payment Solutions (PSP)
  • POS system (POS)
  • Banks
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Logistics (Warehouse, shipment)
  • CRM

How we do it

  1. We "connect" your system to our infrastructure and interpret your data into our generic language.
  2. We activate and test communications with the relevant systems that already exist in our network.
  3. We set up on-boarding for your customers in your system with a smooth iframe.
  4. We create a common implementation plan for processes and systems that are relevant now and further on.
  5. We test with pilot customers and make sure everything works.
  6. We manage the ongoing operation and update all connections if there are changes in any of the systems in the network.

Experts in the P27 payment standard

We are one of the first companies in Sweden to fully support the new payment infrastructure developed by P27 Nordic Payments. We automate the ongoing management of bank permissions, payments and de-cracking. If we connect your SUPPLIER and customer invoices and payments APIs (RemittenceAdvice), we can deliver a great customer experience.


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