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Automate more for yourselves and your clients

Automate repetitive tasks between your clients most common systems. For example, payments from different payment service providers can create vouchers in the accounting system and invoices can be created in the accounting system with data from the reporting in a project management tool.

  • Work more efficiently and spend less time on recurring manual tasks between your customers' systems.
  • Create new revenue by offering your customers to help them connect their systems.
  • Use ready-made solutions with as few steps as possible to get started.
  • Control costs with our clear and simple pricing.

Which systems and integrations can i offer my clients?

As an accounting consultant, you can buy and set up ready-made solutions for your clients. We have predefined processes instead of tailor made integrations to ensure that it is as easy as possible for you to handle the on-boarding.

  • Financial systems (ERP systems, accounting, bookkeeping)
  • Payment Solutions (PSP)
  • POS system (POS)
  • Banks
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Logistics (Warehouse, shipment)
  • CRM
Buy ready-made integrations
  • Zwapgrid creates new opportunities for us as an accounting agency. The simplicity of deploying integrations combined with a portal where we can see, adapt and maintain all the integrations that our customers use makes our work much smoother.

    Erica Rådling, Team leader Business support, Win Win Ekonomi
  • Many of our clients run e-commerce businesses. With the help of Zwapgrid's ready-made solutions, we can help them automate e.g. bookkeeping of payments and invoices between Klarna and Fortnox. We save valuable time, gain new revenue streams and can add more value to our clients.

    Gevorg Simonyan, Founder, Libredo


We offer a range of ready-made solutions that you can find here. If your customers use other systems, we cannot help you today. We add new systems continuously. Fill out the form and tell us what systems your customers use and what you are thinking about and we will get back to you as soon as possible.