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Ready-made automation solutions

Zwapgrid enables you to automate some of the most common business processes between your systems. Sync of invoices, orders and shipments and automated bookkeeping of payments are some of the ready-made solutions you can buy from us.

  • Save time and money by minimizing administration between your systems.
  • Buy ready-made solutions with as few steps as possible to get started.
  • Control your costs. No surprises with our clear and simple pricing.

Buy ready-made integrations


Which systems are integrated in our platform?

We focus on offering ready-made solutions instead of tailor made integrations. This means that we have created predefined processes between some of the most common systems. You have some opportunity to make your own settings, but our goal is that you should have to do as little as possible.

We continuously add new integrations and update you on what is coming. We are currently focusing on systems in these areas.

  • Financial systems (erp systems, accounting, bookkeeping)
  • Payment Solutions (PSP)
  • POS system (POS)
  • Banks
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Logistics (Warehouse, shipment)
  • CRM
Buy ready-made integrations