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Access 1.7 billion invoices* and other SMB financial data in the Nordics.

Tap into the power of endless financial customer data

-for Developers by Developers

Access your customer's financial data using one unified API. Rather than spending your developer's time adding and maintaining many system integrations, get a stream of data with us.

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* According to Vismas report  "Business case - E-invoicing Across the Nordics, Published on Sep 3, 2019" there are 3,4 Billion invoices in the Nordics. We estimate that we can reach 50% of the total volume of invoices, and 85% of the SMB Volumes.



We provide Nordic systems

Get access to unified data from the most relevant systems in the Nordics and beyond. We add new systems at a fast pace, so ask us for an updated roadmap.


Move the data

We never use or store your customer's financial data. You use our API to get the data, own the experience and build your customer relationships.


and You innovate!

When you build products on our API infrastructure, you can focus your development resources on innovation, providing more value to your customers. 

One unified way to access your customer's financial data

  • Enables your customers to connect their ERP towards your systems.

  • Real time, historical and future access to their data for better credit assessments/scoring.

  • Fetch for example invoices, send back payments and automate the accounting.
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The most relevant systems in the Nordics and beyond

Connect to many systems with one connection. Access your customers data as frequent as you need.

  1. Connect to our Partner API.

  2. Design the data flows you want your customers to give consent to, so they can share the data with you. (e.g. invoices or account balances).

  3. Invite your customers using the API. Either build your own onboarding experience or use our white label SDK.


Stay updated with news about Nordic Connectivity!

Let me keep you updated on which systems, entities and functions we are adding.

Niklas Köhlmark, CPO, Zwapgrid

Zwapgrid -11112021 - Niklas - porträtt

We provide you with your customers' data.

- You innovate, create and own the customer experience!

  • Get better credit scoring when you know your business customers better.

  • Alert customers before they need financing. (before they figured out that they need financing)

  • Provide better and more secure financing to customers that lets you access their data.

  • Add more secure factoring opportunities based on data directly from the source.

  • Add new services and overviews based on data from the past, now and predict the future.

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Built on trust and experience
Our infrastructure and expertise is being accessed by leading SaaS-companies.

We have chosen to invest in Zwapgrid's unified API for finance. It's a convenient way for us to offer everyone who uses Keeros Finance their customers' financial data.

-Krister Keskitalo, Founder, KEEROS


What we develop must be scalable and standardised for many regions. With Zwapgrids infrastructure this can be done efficiently and smart.

-Joel Risberg, Strategic Partner Manager, NETS


With Zwapgrid's infrastructure, we can create new innovations and develop offers to help all companies in Sweden.

-Adam Hultén, Business Unit Manager, KIVRA


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Editions, Scale up or start big!



Start Price Package.
Available during 2023

  • Access the most important system of your customers.

  • Build a smooth onboarding processes with our infrastructure.

  • Pay a fee per customer and event.

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Grow Price Package.
Available during 2023

  • Access the systems of your Nordic customers.

  • Have the possibility to request new systems to API.1

  • Reduced price per customer and event.

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Scale Price Package.
Available now

  • Get full support with dedicated channels in slack, jira service desk and SLAs.

  • Full support from Zwapgrids experts on how to utilize API.1 and build fantastic products.

  • Lowest prices per customer and event.

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Make connectivity a part of your tech stack!

We provide comprehensive documentation for API.1, allowing your developers to interact with the API and fully understand how it works, before having to write a single line of code.

  • Connect to API.1 using Auth0 2.0, hosted in the cloud.
  • A suite of RESTful APIs that let you create and manage your customers within API.1.
  • A suite of vendor-agnostic RESTful APIs to let you access your customer data.
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Zwapgrid powers 

8 reasons why Zwapgrid's API.1 solution works for our partners and will work for you too.



Let your developers focus on what you want to do with the data instead of building and managing many integrations.


Facilitate potential growth that can increase the valuation and of your SaaS company and help you meet your goals.



Save time for your adminstrative department by fetching the data automatically instead of handling files.



Save time and provide better service to your customers with real time data.

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Use data from other software to invent new solutions that would otherwise be impossible.

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Remove risk by always using updated data directly from the customers ERP software.

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Remove risk of handling the data consent by using our Connection API to store consent and credentials in a secure way.

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Receive harmonized data that have been extracted directly from the source. No files or different formats and interpretation of images.


Questions? We are just getting started with API.1 but we have long experience connecting systems through our network. Contact us to discuss the possibilities of endless customer data and share visions of the future. Together!

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Get Started with API.1

In our API you will get one format of data, regardless of source origin.

We take care of

  • Customer consent and data protection
  • Secure transfer of data
  • Maintenance, new systems and monitoring.

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