Zwap e-Commerce

One platform to handle all
integrations for an
online company.

For e-retailers who need to integrate e-commerce solutions with business systems, TA systems, inventory / 3PL and payments. In Zwap e-Commerce you can use predefined flows or create your own. Some want article and stock balance to be controlled primarily by the business system, while others prefer to do so from the e-commerce platform. We support all of these scenarios even though we are dependent on which flows are supported by different system suppliers.

Zwap eCommerce

One platform to handle all your integrations


Choose your financial system, most companies use the financial system as a master for product data.


WMS/3PL (Warehouse Managment/Third party logistics)

You can choose whether you want webshops, WMS or the business system as master for eg. stock balance. 


Place your order from the eCommerce platform in other systems, without duplicates.


TA (Traffic Administration)
Many companies use a system to deliver goods to the customer in the best / cheapest way. Zwapgrid are now connecting these.


PSP (Payment Service Provider)

Zwapgrid usually does not build embedded integrations such as Klarna Checkout at the moment of purchase. What we do, however, is that we can monitor a number of payment services to identify payments from, for example, Klarna, Paypal or Izettle and mark them against orders in business systems and e-commerce platforms. Of course, the receipt is attached.


Other systems
 Zwapgrid also has support for other flows, for example for CRM systems, marketplaces and PIM. Contact us for more information.

Bullet and future proof

Our ongoing improvements are immediately made available to all our customers.

Monitoring and hosting

We monitor all traffic, 24/7


Two-way sync

Change in one system and update all others


Integrate once- forever

Keeping everything up to date







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