Zwap Banking

For companies who want the

systems to reflect what

happens in the

bank account.

This service provides the ability to automatically update systems when incoming and outgoing payments from the company's account. The service follows the new standard for financial information, which is called ISO 20022.

In a few minutes, anyone can set up an integration that ensures that bank events in the account are marked as payments on customer and supplier invoices in accounting system.

Zwap Banking

Manages events in a company's bank account so payment information works regardless of file format and setup. This service is for companies who want to simplify and speed up your handling of payment information, and for software companies who want to offer their customers this service. Works for foreign payments and Swish.


The challange

The banks are now switching format for financial announcements to the new standard ISO20022. Many systems lack this support and Zwapgrid enables a transition to this new standard without costly investment.


Current formats

Zwapgrid gradually builds up support for managing current message formats, and can easily translate this into messages included in ISO20022, e.g. CAMT053, CAMT054C, ACMT, PAIN001 and PAIN002. We will soon support the conversion of files to and from Bankgirocentralen.

04 All about quality

We build integrations with the same passion, grit and expertise that you have with your software. We live as we learn and work agile with continuous integration, unit testing and a large number of tools that help us test, performance test and deploy new integrations.



In general, we set up a slack channel with our partners where you have direct access to everyone from customer service to technical project managers and developers. 

03 Range and onboarding

Each week we add new systems and additional endpoints to / from systems in the network. See downloads for a complete list. We have several people working intensively with our partners to create a friction-less onboarding of new customers.

Bullet and future proof

Our ongoing improvements are immediately made available to all our customers.

Monitoring and hosting

We monitor all traffic, 24/7


Two-way sync

Change in one system and update all others


Integrate once- forever

Keeping everything up to date







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