Order handling-EDI

We are a team that passionately works to facilitate internal and external collaboration through connecting systems in a smart way. In other words, we work with system integrations, or EDI (Electric Data Interchange).

Our business model is built upon a few simple but what we think is sound principles:

  • No start-up cost

  • No committed contract length

  • No bureaucracy

  • We only charge for what our customers use us for, handling data transfers(transactions)

  • Sustained discounts, the more transactions that you have per month the less you pay per transaction (see definition)

  • If you choose to include more flows, they all count towards these volumes

Incoming order


We help a variety of companies with automating their handling of incoming orders. Insisted of having to manually write mail orders in a business system we have created methods to handle a wide range of different ways to receive orders, "decode" them and then send them in to a business system.


Order Response

Usually the party that sent the order wants to receive a so called order response, an order recognition, we have great experience of getting this in place.

Advanced Shipment Note

This one is sent when the shipment is on the way.

Electronic Invoice

The last link in the chain is as a rule the billing. With Zwapgrid is this part handled smoothly between systems.


Methods for delivery as well as format on messages

The most common delivery methods are:

  • Mail

  • Through FTP(File Transfer Protocol, see glossary of terms) which in essence is a catalog to which you can transfer data. In our service you can easily set up a FTP without cost. Free is always good

  • API, see glossary of terms. Where we transfer information

The most common formats:

  • XML

  • Test files

  • Besides the file formats that is listed above, can the files be structured as, for example, Sveorder, Svefaktura, EDIFact among others. We Handel all these formats.

  • API, see word list. Where we transfer information.

Can your customers send an order as a XML, text or have a API?

Then we can most likely help you automate your flows! Send a examples or just send a mail to hello(at)zwapgrid.com and we will get back to you on the spot.