We are delighted to show off with some of our partners and customers. Some of our cooperation’s are however very sensitive in its nature and impossible to write about, but please have a look at these cases.

With Zwapgrid, we have found a great way to get all the equipment of our customers to communicate with our monitoring. This gives us unique opportunities to support our customers in their business.
— Joakim Sellgren, Manager Advantage Service Center Sweden

What Zwapgrid does for Siemens Building Technologies

Together with Siemens Building Technologies AB, we automate the day-to-day management of thousands of alarms across the Nordic region from IOT (Internet Of Things) equipment that sends alarms regarding temperatures, flows, and other issues that their customers need to pay attention to. With Zwapgrid, Siemens can now handle alarms from all possible devices and all of these alarms are translated and reconnected to the monitoring software that controls and manages actions. With the help of information from the alarm, Siemens can help its customers manage their properties more energy efficiently, at lower cost and more environmentally friendly.

About Siemens Building Technologies

Siemens is a digital pioneer focusing on the areas of electrification and automation. We partner with our customers to unleash their business potential using our energy-efficient, resource-saving technology and digital know how.

What Zwapgrid does for Mr Shoebox

By connecting Mr Shoebox to Zwapgrid, Mr Shoebox now offers its clients and accounting agencies integration with a large number of systems. An integration can be set up by anyone in a few minutes and thus support the automation for all parties involved. Among other things, Zwapgrid retrieves scanned data from an FTP, creates source documents and vouchers. After a quick review the vouchers are sent to for example, Fortnox, Visma or Björn Lundén.

About Mr Shoebox

Mr Shoebox is a complete system for ensuring communication between the accounting firm and the Entrepreneur. Through the app, the Entrepreneur can easily take a picture of the event, fill in a few parameters and then submit all incoming and outgoing receipts and invoices. When they arrive in the system, all the information needed to get started with the accounting work is in place.

The vouchers that are not complete will be flagged as necessary, supplemented or rectified. Mr Shoebox has a comment function, enabling communication directly in connection with the specific event. The contractor can easily and quickly fix what is missing or incorrectly directly so that the accounting work is as effective as possible.

In many cases, our users have their own specific systems for everything from warehouse management to e-commerce and we see a great need to improve communication between these systems without our development organization making all these integrations. Zwapgrid makes for us what Stripe does for payments, removes technical complexity so we can focus on our core business.
— Ken Bertling, CEO and founder Mr Shoebox

Vi gillar Zwapgrid för att de är “rock-solid” på integrationer. De är snabba, grundliga och hjälper oss att bättre hantera kundernas varierande behov av transportlösningar, ehandelsplattformar och affärssystem.
— Marcus Norrgren, Lagerkoll

Vad Zwapgrid gör för Lagerkoll

Genom att ansluta Lagerkoll till Zwapgrid kan nu Lagerkoll erbjuda sina kunder integrationer till ett stort antal system. En integration kan sättas upp av vem som helst på några få minuter och därmed stödja automatiseringen för alla inblandade parter.

Om Lagerkoll

Lagerkoll är en lager och logistik-tjänst för det mindre och medelstora företaget som gillar att arbeta med molnbaserade tjänster och mobila verktyg. Syftet med tjänsten är att erbjuda något enkelt som går snabbt att komma igång med till ett rimligt pris.

What Zwapgrid does for Kondator

Kondator has a large number of customers who send purchase orders and then wish for order response/ order acknowledgment as well as dispatch advice before final billing occurs. Zwapgrid manages the entire complexity around this with different business messaging message types, etc., enabling both Kondator and their customers to work from within their respective systems.

About Kondator

Kondator offers its customers an office environment that works for both the body and the eye. We have extensive experience in product development focusing on the office and its environment. Today we work with our basic range as well as customer customization to adapt to the customer's unique wishes in different projects. For the most part, we currently manufacture and sell proprietary products, with our own patents related to the products.

Zwapgrid helps us to streamline and improve the management of all business data (EDI) with several of our customers. Through the automation we have managed to free up time for customer care and sales.
— Fredrik Carlstedt, CEO Kondator

System connections usually take time and cost money. Now we have more of both parts thanks to Zwapgrid. Getting a both time and cost effective partner who manages our customers orders and order confirmations is really good. We are super satisfied.
— Björn Enghag, Vice President Nynäs Elprodukter
Our focus is all about getting the e-commerce to grow. This can be done in many different ways but a prerequisite is smart technology that really works. Through automatic operation with 99.99% uptime, super-fast response times, a highly technical support, and conversion and design in-house specialists in combination with seamless integrations, we support the trader at all levels and contribute to growth
— Johan Lindstedt, CEO & Founder

What Zwapgrid does for Tälje and Nynäs Elprodukter

Tälje Elprodukter has a large number of customers who send purchase orders and then request order response as well as delivery notification before billing is finally made. Zwapgrid manages the entire complexity around this with different business messaging message types, etc. and enables both Tälje and their customers to work from within their respective systems.

About Tälje and Nynäs Elprodukter

We are a local electrical wholesaler with a customized range from the market's leading suppliers. We stock and sell a complete range adapted for industry and installation companies. As the local elgrossist, we know the market and know what is needed and needed for our customer.


What Zwapgrid does for Starweb

For all medium-sized e-retailers, smooth integrations with a high level of automation are crucial. Starweb is now expanding its support for a number of finance and business systems. Among others, Pyramid, Specter, Lagerkoll, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Jeeves, BeX Online, Monitor, PE Accounting and Björn Lundén thanks to Zwapgrid.

About Starweb

Starweb has 20 years of experience in e-commerce solutions and knows how to turn visitors into customers. Today, Starweb 600 has satisfied traders within B2C, B2B and Omnikanal. The e-commerce platform is "Made in Sweden" an in-house developed, modern, SaaS e-commerce service. Focused on user-friendliness, automated marketing and automated orderflows. A one-stop shop for the merchant with everything from new Klarna Checkout to tailor-made specialists, search engine optimization and Google Ads advertising.