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Zwapgrid releases support for sleek two-way-sync when integrating systems

As the number of SaaS systems increases, the need for robust integrations services grows exponentially. To ensure a smooth experience for customers and partners working with different software vendors Zwapgrid has just released our two-way sync that ensures that the right data is available in every system, regardless where changes were made.
Most integrations are based on pushing data from one system to another, but once the data is in the second system the user might want to update that information.
In most cases this means that those changes won’t be synchronized back to the first system which naturally causes problems, duplicates, frustration and costs within the company.
The Zwapgrid way
With this feature, someone working with for instance an e-commerce platform and an ERP system can activite two-way-sync and enjoy sleek, robust and intuitive streaming of data like customers, articles and stock information as data can be updated in any system and still be mirrored to the other system without risk of duplicates and errors.
“We know that the two-way sync feature enables our partners to offer a truly seamless experience for users working in multiple systems, and that is what we always aim for!” Dennis Åhlin, CTO @Zwapgrid