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Swedish SaaS company Zwapgrid raises €1.3M to expand in the Nordics and Europe

Zwapgrid, Michael Lantz, Leo Berghald


Swedish SaaS company and integration platform Zwapgrid says today that it is raising more than € 1.3 million in a new investment round. The investment is led by angel investor Michael Lantz, CEO and co-founder of the global software company Accedo. The goal of the capital is to enable continued expansion in Sweden, the Nordic region and the rest of Europe together with new and existing partners. In the Nordic region, Zwapgrid already collaborates with Nets, Kivra and Björn Lundén, among others.

"We have succeeded in making it easy for SaaS companies to offer their enterprise customers integrations that automate repetitive work. This could be, for example, automated bookkeeping of transactions, syncing of invoices or retrieval of financial data for factoring. All without having to develop and maintain the technology themselves. Instead, Zwapgrid provides the infrastructure, interpretation, logic, onboarding and ongoing maintenance, while our partners package and sell ready-made solutions. Their customers are happier as they reduce their administration, and our partners establish new ongoing revenue without burdening their developers. Everyone wins," explains Leo Berghald, founder and CEO of Zwapgrid.

"With the addition of Michael Lantz, we have found the combination of expertise and capital that will help us scale our offering in the best possible way, and we are also very pleased to welcome Michael to the circle of owners as well as to the board" Leo continues.

Michael Lantz is an experienced entrepreneur who has successfully scaled Accedo into a global provider of B2B video services software and has also been an active angel investor for a number of years. 

"Zwapgrid tackles the problem of system integrations in a structured way through both scalable technologies, a high level of expertise and a clear focus on partnerships. The fact that Zwapgrid's partners are already present in several markets opens up a clear opportunity for international expansion, which is an area that I can actively contribute to. The market opportunities are tremendous when you manage to scale the technology and teams to handle the inevitable challenges that come. With my experience from Accedo's global growth journey, I hope to contribute to Zwapgrid's continued development both here in Sweden and abroad," says Michael Lantz, investor.

Facts about Zwapgrid

Zwapgrid was founded in 2017 with a vision to become the world's premier infrastructure for sharing data between systems. Since then, Zwapgrid has developed and refined both technical infrastructure and support for software/SaaS companies looking to offer integrations to their enterprise customers. Zwapgrid provides the technology while the partner sells the product to its customers. In addition to the technology, Zwapgrid also helps its partners package and communicate solutions to their customers, set up onboarding and continue to develop new offerings on an ongoing basis. This also includes Zwapgrid actively bringing partners together and creating new innovations together. 

Over the past year, Zwapgrid has established itself in the Nordics and Northern Europe together with software/SaaS companies that wanted to quickly create solutions with systems in multiple markets. The goal is to be able to offer the absolute best infrastructure regardless of the market.

Press contact: Magnus Serratusell Wallin