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Zwapgrid continues to grow, recruits experienced Head Of Engineering

Michael Sterling, Head Of Engineering

We are happy to announce that Michael Sterling joins us as Head of Engineering. He is definitely going to be an important key to help us scale up our network and organization.
The success of Zwapgrid depends entirely on the team. Our strategy is to recruit people that will help us challenge ourselves and elevate collaboration and deep tech. We are thrilled that Michael Sterling with his vast experience and curious mind has chosen to join us.

What would you like to tell us about your background Michael?

I am originally from Northern Ireland, but have lived and worked for many years in London, where I met my Swedish partner. We made the decision to move to Sweden as I have family in Gothenburg, and my partner is originally from Stockholm where her family lives. I was very impressed with Zwapgrid when we met - I am interested in what we can provide to our partners, not only now but in the future, and I saw it as an excellent opportunity not only to bring my own technical experience to the role, but to develop my leadership skills.

I have a lot of experience of working in software development and leadership within the technology sector, in areas as diverse as publishing, finance and also social housing. Most recently I was Lead Consultant for Amido in London, helping housing associations with large system and transformation projects. For example, we delivered a new platform for a housing association, enabling reporting and management of housing repairs. We developed Microservices, integrating on-premises applications and various third-party API’s. I also had line management responsibilities, ensuring that colleagues developed themselves in line with a competency framework and guiding them through the promotion process.

Why did you choose to join Zwapgrid?

Having worked for many years in London with colleagues from all over the world, I was really keen to continue working in an organization here in Sweden with a similar attitude to diversity, and I found that at Zwapgrid. I have experience working in small, medium and large organizations, but I much prefer working in a smaller company where I am close to the decisions that are being made, and can help to shape Zwapgrid’s future.

In time, I hope to introduce the concept of microservices and domain driven design to Zwapgrid as a way of correlating our business language with our technical implementation, and also build on the already existing development practices that are in place here. As we grow in size, scalability and resilience become very important and so getting that right is very important.

The future of integrations between different software is without a doubt Zwapgrid’s network and I am happy to be a part of our journey from now on.