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Visma eEkonomi is growing with the help of smart integrations that Zwapgrid provides

Partnercase Visma och Zwapgrid

Visma eEkonomi is growing with the help of smart integrations. Zwapgrid’s network is
enabling more software companies to use Visma eEkonomi with other best of breed software that they need. As a supplier of one of the largest financial systems in the Nordics, and with more than 100,000 customers, Visma Spcs is a company you want to keep your eye on from now on.

One of their fastest growing systems is Visma eEkonomi and the market for integrations with Visma eEkonomi is growing rapidly. Zwapgrid develops integrations for software partners who in turn want to offer these to businesses that use Visma eEkonomi.

We meet Tobias Olsson, Business Owner at Visma, who tells us about Visma and why Zwapgrid is a
great partner for Visma and software companies that want to offer solutions to their customers
together with Visma.

What is the main advantage of working with Visma and Visma eEkonomi in particular?

With Visma eEconomi, we want to simplify the management of tasks that may seem rather boring
or difficult for people running a business. We want to make all business processes as simple and as
digital as possible. We usually describe Visma eEkonomi as a self-driving financial system. That’s the aim, and it also applies to the integrations and solutions that are marketed on our platform. We’re really keen that everything goes smoothly and work on maintaining dialogue with Zwapgrid that develops solutions that are then displayed on our marketplace.

We also focus a great deal on the accountancy sector. Accountancy firms use our systems just like
their customers, and it’s important that accountancy consultants and entrepreneurs understand and
can follow what is happening to a company’s finances. It must be simple and clear. We have an
extensive ecosystem around Visma in general and it’s possible to add several solutions around the
Visma eEkonomi offering. This will be an incredibly important cornerstone in our growth going
forward and we’re already seeing growth taking off.

Why is Zwapgrid a good co-operation party for Visma?

I see a large number of advantages with Zwapgrid’s network solution and the Zwapgrid team. A
major advantage is that Zwapgrid focuses on using its technology to develop integrations with us for
many other software companies. This provides experience and knowledge which then becomes
available to multiple partners at the same time. The advantage for us is that many other systems can more easily integrate with us and in turn offer solutions to their customers. This creates huge reach and we can help more people work smarter.

What are the advantages of Zwapgrid for software companies that want to offer solutions to Visma’s customers?

Zwapgrid is basically a hub that updates, understands and maintains several key flows at the same
time. It’s exactly what’s needed right now. Many customers will want or need to use integration platforms like Zwapgrid in the years ahead to efficiently become part of key ecosystem nodes like Visma and keep pace with progress. Integrators are efficient and scalable for businesses which already have the technical solutions in place for several systems instead of developing everything themselves from scratch. Zwapgrid’s core business is the network and integrations, this is a strength and is less costly in terms of time and resources than developing and operating in-house integrations.

Zwapgrid monitors and quality-assures all the integrations they build. That, in combination with the
fact that at Visma we’re also very thorough in the way we continuously make suggestions for
improvements, drives the development of new, smart solutions that benefit businesses and
software suppliers.

Advantages of Visma

  • Wide range of systems and integrations.
  • Allocates considerable resources to API and marketplace.
  • Products and APIs maintain a high level of security for our customers.
  • Extensive experience in multiple industries.
  • Large number of customers and extensive reach.

Advantages of Zwapgrid

  • Has integrations between systems as a core business.
  • Seeks to facilitate collaboration between software companies in its network.
  • Efficient way of developing and maintaining integrations with Visma.
  • Expertise in developing integrations with Visma.

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