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Klarna and Fortnox Integration

Retail transactions come in bulk and are impossible to input to the accounting software one by one with larger volumes.

The purpose of this integration is to see revenues booked in the accounting software and to oversee and forecast in a smooth and efficient manner.

Meaning of integration and functionalities

When Klarna provides their financial statement report, retail transactions become the foundation from which we extract data in order to create orders, invoices, and vouchers, including Klarnas own transaction fees, as well as refunds vouchers.

Zwapgrids Klarna-Fortnox integration has support for different currencies and VAT-rates, as well as multiple sales regions and multiple Klarna accounts which is efficient for customers with international sales operations.

Benefits of Klarna Fortnox Integration


Stop wasting resources on manual and repetitive work that can be automated and free time from the whole organization.

Become future-proof with automated processes and step into the digitalized world, with us.

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