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Fortnox builds ecosystems for entrepreneurs, sees great value in Zwapgrid’s tech and expertise

Fortnox Zwapgrid partnercase

Fortnox is the leading platform for small business owners and has more than 400,000
customers in Sweden. Through its open API and a large network of connected solutions and
integrations – also called apps – Fortnox is helping businesses, software companies and
developers to create smart ecosystems for small and medium-sized businesses.

Zwapgrid are experts in developing and running integrations with Fortnox, a reassurance for
entrepreneurs wanting to buy ready-made apps, for software companies that want to offer
its customers Fortnox integrations, and for Fortnox who knows that apps created by
Zwapgrid are secure and of high quality.

We speak to Anna Wretlind, Partner Director at Fortnox, who tells us about Fortnox’s investment in innovation through the app market and why Zwapgrid is a great partner to work with.

What is the main advantage of Fortnox’s platform for entrepreneurs and software companies?
Through our rapidly growing app market, we bring together the developer and software
world with entrepreneurs. We do not want to do everything ourselves – and nor are we able
to. Rather, we provide a large open platform where entrepreneurs can create their own
unique ecosystems. The apps, which can be anything from a simple but smart export of data
to Google sheets to a powerful e-commerce platform that opens up new markets, can easily
be connected to Fortnox with a couple of clicks. It gives the entrepreneur those extra
superpowers that help a company drive its business forward and grow as smoothly as
possible. Last but not least, we’re a big organisation and have a large number of businesses
that use our platform. This gives us a lot of data to learn from so that we can create an
extremely strong overall offering.

Why is it important for software companies to be able to offer apps in Fortnox?

Most businesses today need to use a range of specialised systems in combination with
Fortnox which essentially manage finance and administration flows. This means that the
demand for apps with integrations to other systems is increasing rapidly. We’re constantly
receive new requests and new systems are added all the time. It’s important to keep up and
that’s an excellent reason to create new, innovative solutions in which several systems can
share data with each other and Fortnox.

What advantages do you see in having Zwapgrid as a partner?

Zwapgrid makes it easier for other software to become part of the SME ecosystem and to be
visible on the Fortnox platform. Zwapgrid has built up extensive expertise around helping
software providers retrieve and input data in Fortnox. They know how our API works, what
can be done, how our app market works and how it can be managed securely over time.
They also focus on creating onboarding experiences that simplify things for businesses that
want to hit the ground running. It’s precisely this simplicity that is so valuable and will be
extremely important in the future.

Having specialised partners such as Zwapgrid is of great value to us. Through their network
and knowledge of Fortnox, they solve challenges that software suppliers or companies
would otherwise have to handle on their own. In this way, Zwapgrid frees up resources that
can be used to create even better payment solutions, checkout systems, warehouse
systems, e-commerce platforms, etc. Everyone can be the best at what they do and still
drive innovation with Fortnox.

What is Fortnox focusing on going forward?

At Fortnox, we want to become even better at helping companies that use our platform find
the right solutions for their business, for example by recommending apps that we know
work well, so we need smart partners who constantly want to improve and create new
opportunities with us. The network of systems and ready-made apps that Zwapgrid
contributes becomes part of an overarching solution that constantly brings us closer to a
future where entrepreneurs’ ecosystems are less about making sense of different systems
and more about running businesses successfully.

Advantages for software companies of offering integrations with Fortnox:

  • Leading platform for small business owners in Sweden with more than 400,000
  • Open and easy-to-use API.
  • Own fast-growing app market with the option of selling your solution on the app
  • Strong growth.
  • Focus on encouraging innovation with best of breed system.
  • Focus on being the best platform for successful businesses.

Advantages of Zwapgrid for software companies looking to offer their customers integrations with Fortnox:

  • Experts at developing integrations with Fortnox through their network.
  • Used to providing continuous support for apps in Fortnox.
  • Enables best of breed systems to focus their resources on their own systems rather than the tech associated with integrations themselves.
  • Driven collaboration partner with extensive of Fortnox.
  • Focus on quality.

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