Introducing Zwapgrid "Pay-as-you-go"

We are now taking a new bold step in reinventing integrations, we have just launched our “Pay-as-you-go” edition where you can Stream data between internal or external systems and only pay for the data you use.

Our Pay-as-you-go pricing gives you an opportunity to test Zwapgrid to Stream data between systems.

  • No commitments regarding price, volumes, money or time.

  • We have a number of fixed pricing levels that include a number of transactions, and when the month is over you get billed for the used volume

  • When you know more about volumes you can get even better prices by paying for a given level in advance.

  • All connected systems and standard messages included, you can always include additional systems without cost, we only charge for transactions.

Read more and sign up at

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Leo Berghald