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Bankgirot, the transformation

Zwapgrid is a data exchange platform offering software companies and every other business with a need for sending or receiving data a smart, affordable, and scalable solution.
Zwapgrid translates data into a generic format. Thus, we can deliver data to all connected companies and systems. 

It’s Google Translate for data.

We offer companies solutions for adapting to the new payment infrastructure P27 with the ISO 20022 standards with two solutions, BG-Migration and BG-Translation.


Two solutions for handling transformations from Bankgiro file formats


Instead of uploading files to Bankgirot you can upload them to Zwapgrid and enjoy care-free automation with no end-date.


Get in contact with us to discuss solutions for leaving the txt-files LB, BGMAX etc. behind

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State-of-the-art payments and account statements

Zwapgrid is a trusted partner of the major banks enabling companies to automate payments, statements and security with P27/ISO20022 even if your current solutions only can handle LB, BGMAX and other Bankgiro files.

Depending on capabilities on your end we can easily set up fully automated flows from end-to-end. Just send us the LB-file to a SFTP, and we will convert it to ISO202000, send it to the bank and then provide you with a BGMAX to the SFTP. 

Bankgiro files to ISO20022

Pricing of BG-Translation

All of these packages will let you upload files like LB and download an ISO-file. These files can then be uploaded in your bank.

BG 200

Up to 200 payments

195 SEK

SEK 1,00 per payment.
Billed annually


BG 500

Up to 500 payments

495 SEK

SEK 0,90 per payment.
Billed annually

Optional Automation with SFTP

BG 1250

Up to 1250 payments

895 SEK

SEK 0,72 per payment.
Billed annually

Optional Automation with SFTP

BG 5000

Up to 5000 payments

2 495 SEK

SEK 0,50 per payment.
Billed annually

Optional Automation with SFTP

Larger volumes? Contact us!

How to get started with ISO 20022

With Zwapgrid it is easy to align with the new payment infrastructure in the Nordics. Follow these easy steps to get started.

Create your Zwapgrid Account

Add organisation number and contacts. The Zwapgrid account is always free. 


Verify your identify with BankID

In this step your identity is checked with bolagsverket to verify your authority on your company


Start translating

BG-files to the new ISO 20022 formats such as PAIN, CAMT and ACMT.

After activation of your account you will be contacted by our experts in order to ensure an optimal setup for you. Never any consulting fees.


Top-notch security

End to end encryption and built in KYC and signing with BankID


Fast, faster, Zwap!

Time is alway of essence and our solutions are built for click-by-click setups without expensive consultants.


Get in contact and let's discuss your preferred solution

We have a range of potential setups, get in contact with our experts to initiate a discussion on how to enable your migration from Bankgiro files to P27.

Is your company looking for ways to handle payment automation or Bankgiro migration?

Schedule a short meeting with Manne Sandler and he will guide you through the different opportunities that we offer.

As an alternative, please just write to us in the chat.