Zwapgrid for Accounting Firms

We automate your payments and book keeping. We are

connected to the largest Swedish banks as well as Klarna and Stripe, amongst others. Find out how our AutoPay solutions can create the optimal workflow for you, saving both time and money. 


Overall, we use more and more systems in our daily work. That means that there is an increased demand for integrations. Integrations 
that are malfunctioning creates a lot of work that could be avoided. 


By creating a ZwapStore account, all your integrations are collected in the same place, making your work life much easier and your integrations even better. 

Zwap AutoPay

Save time and money with automatic payments.


Get started to give your customers the best integrations

and automatic processes.

Zwap AutoPay


 Zwap AutoPay automates the entire payment process, allowing you to focus on developing the company and to keep a dialogue with your client.

Från och med nu slipper ni all onödig administration.


Ni behöver bara se till att fakturan kommer in i systemet. Sedan sköter vi resten. Godkänn era betalningar med BankID när det passar dig. Avprickning och bokföring sker automatiskt. 


Välkommen till en ny betalningsvärld!

This is how it works

What WE do


​Supplier invoices are collected from your

accounting system.


You approve the invoices using BankID

whatever day and time you wish


We send the invoices to the bank and

they are payed. 


The payments are book kept.

What YOU need to do


Add the accounting system and bank that you use to your Zwapgrid account. 


Decide who will approve payments.


Decide how often, and when, you want to make the approvements.


Decide who will receive notifications.

There is also a possibility to create other rules for accounting, for example taxes or loans. Furthermore, you can handle other payments than banks, such as Klarna and Stripe payments, in the same account. 

"The combination of opportunities with simple deployments of integrations and a portal where we can see, modify and maintain all integrations that our customers use, lays the foundation for a flexible way of working," says application consultant Erica Rådling at Win Win Ekonomi.

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