Bilden visar endast ett generiskt exempel på hur det kan se ut.

About zwapgrid

The old way of building integrations...

The world around a business is changing. A few years ago many companies strived to get a ERP System that would handle everything from invoices to accounting, stock, cases and CRM. If you had a need to create a integration then it was expensive, poor performing and expensive to maintain.

The New way of streaming data between systems, customers and partners...

Modern companies often have a subscription for a economy system, they use an external service to automate and simplify their billing, they might have a webshop with an external stock handling system while payments would be done through Stripe, Klarna or Paypal. Orders of goods is done electronically and delivery is ordered when the goods are packaged. Zwapgrid makes this work.

A business that is connected to the Zwapgrid network has the ability to Stream data between two or more systems that complement the ERP System in the company. 
In the network there is everything from e-commerce platforms, ERP systems, business intelligence and warehouse solutions. 
There is no start-up cost to set all this up, no committed period or any other hidden fees. Zwapgrid is a new way of sharing data between systems, customers and partners.

The low price for the service is possible because all integrations are "crowd funded", in the sense that many companies pay a small fee for themselves. And these are enough to accumulate to an amount that is enough to build a long term profitable network and company.