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About us

We help Nordic companies to connect platforms, systems and tools that they often use, such as Nordea, Fortnox, Klarna & Shopify and another 50 systems. Our vision is to become the leading platform for data exchange between companies.

At Zwapgrid, companies stream data between systems, customers and partners in a smart and cost-effective way.

We work with the fastest growing software companies and offer a solution that gives them and their customers access to a large number of systems via a single connection. The platform works as a switch in a network where we connect new systems and only charge for data flows. Integrations are "crowdfunded" in the sense that many pay a little for each individual system.

Modern companies today often subscribe to their financial system, use an external service for invoicing, perhaps have a webshop with an external warehousing system while payments are handled via Stripe, Klarna or Paypal. Orders for goods are made electronically and deliveries are ordered when the goods are packed.

Simplified a bit, you can say that we connect each new system to one large initial cost, which we carry, and it enables a large number of new integrations. For example, when we connect a new business system to the network, we can deliver about 30 new integrations the same day we take it "live". It can be integrations to everything from CRM, invoicing services or e-commerce platforms. This is made possible by the fact that all systems in our network handle data in exactly the same way. You can compare us with Bluetooth or SIE files, i.e. a standard for communicating.

Our team

Leo Berghald

Founder & Head of Zwapgrid

An optimist who likes to relax with sailing when he doesn't have a computer in front of him. Prior experience include founding and building RemoteX Technologies AB, acquired in January 2017 by Lime.

Manne Sandler

Co-Founder and Head of Operations (COO)

With his 10+ years of experience, Manne is tasked with monitoring the daily administrative and operational functions as Zwapgrid's COO.

Anna Holmgren

Head of People & Culture

Anna focuses on helping to find, develop and retain the team at Zwapgrid. The success of Zwapgrid depends entirely on the team and we want to make Zwapgrid a great place to work. Zwapgrid should be a place where everyone can make a difference and where people are challenged to do their best work. Anna loves to cook and spends a lot of time in the kitchen learning new dishes with varying results.

Magnus Serratusell Wallin

Head of Marketing & Communication

Magnus is leading Zwapgrids marketing efforts, establishing Zwapgrid as a leading integration platform together with teams focusing on SME, accounting agencies and SaaS-companies. He is passionate about innovation, growth and communication, combining strategic thinking with hands on experience and a wide skill set. As an example of earlier experience he was a part of the Swedish ERP-system PE Accountings journey from 25 to 100+ msek and played an important role in establishing them as a leader in accounting automation. When not working, Magnus is a devoted father, a driven scout leader and loves playing video games and drawing.

Niklas Köhlmark

Product Manager

Niklas' role at Zwapgrid is to create value for Zwapgrid and all partners in the network. How the value of each integration is maximized for everyone in the network is something Niklas continuously thinks of. Before joining Zwapgrid, Niklas was part of building and scaling Benify from a handful of employees to almost 400 employees, which gave Niklas a lot of knowledge of integrations to ERP-systems, payroll systems, order management, e-invoicing and payments. Niklas also spent a couple of years at Bambora/Worldline and worked on different improvement projects which all had the common ground of ensuring the correct in the right system. In Niklas spare time it can be difficult to find him as he probably is on different activities with his children or himself doing some sort of outdoors activities preferably in the woods or mountains.

Andrew Ho

Product Owner

Andrew has more than 7 years of experience in IT consulting, specialising in system integration. From designing, developing and maintaining integrations, to implementing an integration platform and establishing integration teams, he has done it all!

Kelvin Soen

Product Owner

Kelvin works as team lead for one of our multifunctional teams in Stockholm. Kelvin is a seasoned engineer with experience from a number of fast-paced tech companies including Voi technology.

Viktor Lärka

Technical Support Specialist

Viktor has a background in the gaming industry but now spends his days helping Zwapgrid succeed with this journey.

Shweta Gotur


Shweta is an experienced integrator and brings on 7+ years of in-depth knowledge of integration architecture and development using tools like IBM Integration Bus and IBM Transformation Extender, MQ and ESQL. Shweta is responsible for some of your systems in terms of understanding processes, API:s and other specifics regarding that system.

Taras Babii

Software Engineer

Taras has experience in the health care and fitness domain, and in developing a CRM system. He also has some accounting and auditing experience. He loves traveling and exploring new cities.

Oksana Dzhuryk

Software Engineer

Oksana is a full stack developer from Kharkiv. She has experience in e-commerce and developing enterprise system management for a manufacturing company. In her spare time she likes practicing yoga.

Lyubov Rogovaya

Software Engineer

Lyubov is a fullstack developer in our development center in Kiev. She has experience within development from projects like marketing modules, order creation and stock analysis while she is finalizing her Bachelor of Computer Science.

Timur Askerov

Software Engineer

Timur is a full-stack developer with 10 years of experience. He has a master degree in Software and administration of information systems. Before Zwapgrid, he was integrating an Australian cloud based project with EFTPOS providers, creating UK accelerated payment facility and developing system for Canadian consumer financing company. Timur likes to go for a walk with rock music in the  headset.

Hashem al Rifai

Software Engineer

Hashem is a software engineer with focus on .NET and web technologies, with more than 7 years of experience. He also has a lot of interest in operations and automation. Before Zwapgrid, he worked with e-commerce, payroll and more. In his free time, Hashem tries to practice Swedish, discover new hobbies or have fun with his little family.

Kateryna Prokhorova

Software Engineer

Kateryna has around 4 years of experience as Full Stack Developer. Previously she was working on e-commerce and Industry 4.0 software. Now she takes care of the existing Zwapgrid integrations making sure they run smoothly.

Alireza Gorji

Software Engineer

Alireza is a full-stack developer with many years of experience in frontend and backend development on web-based applications with a focus on .Net technologies. He is skillful at designing and creating databases and has worked on a variety of domains including e-commerce. He is a nature lover and likes outdoor recreations.

Anagha Gopalankutty

Software Engineer

Anagha is a Full Stack Developer with 7 years of experience. Prior to Zwapgrid, she has working experience in Retail, Logistics and Automotive domains. She is a big music buff and is learning to play guitar. She is also into reading and yoga.


Founder & owner

The company is today owned by the founders and a group of private investors. Since the start, just over SEK 30 million has been added to the company and we are well equipped for long-term growth and determined to fundamentally change how the market for system integrations works.

Want to know more about Zwapgrid?
Contact CEO Leo Berghald here or on +46708580110.